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Solo: A Star Wars Story

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rumor: disney narrows list of actors looking to play young Han down to 3




According to sources, last weekend in London tests were conducted involving actors Alden Ehrenreich, who did scene-stealing work in Hail, Caesar!; Jack Reynor, best known for his work in Transformers: Age of Extinction; and Taron Egerton, the star of The Kingsman and Eddie the Eagle.
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Good luck to any actor playing a younger Han Solo / Harrison Ford: those are impossible shoes to fill - I guess like the Star Trek reboot, this new incarnation will be it's own thing - the new Kirk didn't feel like a Shatner impression, but it's own thing. No pressure to whoever gets the part - LOL! The internet! The internet! The internet!

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It's worth noting that it's being done by Phil Lord and Chris Miller of 21 Jump Street/Lego Movie fame. So basically even though it's pointless and sounds terrible it's going to be solid fucking gold and you're gonna love it so much you shit all over yourself and don't care.

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No Kessel Run, please.


I remember reading in the ANH novelization that Obiwan picked up on the 12 Parsecs mistake as an obvious attempt to impress Luke with nonsense jargon. The new YA novel of ANH has kept this interpretation according to wookieepedia.


This is a clever bit of characterization that stays consistent with Han Solo's behaviour in the movies. He tells Leia they're not tracking THIS ship. He makes up a lie about a reactor leak and botches the conversation with the guards in the prison by asking them 'how are you?' etc.


Divine pilot skill is commonplace in StarWars and every other galaxy. Solo's gift is the art of bullshitting.


Ironically, the Han Solo novels took the excellent Kessel Run joke away from him by trying to explain that the 12 parsecs thing had to do with folded spacetime so that how short a distance you made a run in showed the speed of your ship.


The Millenium Falcon doesn't NEED to be shown beating the Kessel Run record. There doesn't even need to be a real Kessel Run. The Falcon's glory is looking like garbage, breaking down, being unheralded THEN pulling the speed out just when it's needed.


Of course, if I start talking about the Han Solo novels, I'll be complaining so long my words would FILL a novel, so let me stop.


Also, telling the story of the Chewie/Han meeting is indeed unnecessary.


I like how they keep their past coming out in snippets.

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Alden was a highlight in an otherwise dull Hail, Caesar!. Wouldn't mind seeing him get this.


good news!


Meet the new Han Solo, Alden Ehrenreich


It’s finally confirmed—Alden Ehrenreich is indeed the new Han Solo, and will star in Phil Lord and Chris Miller’s solo Solo film. Apparently, Ehrenreich was literally the first person to audition for the role out of more than 3,000 actors. He also screentested in the Millennium Falcon and with Chewbacca, too.


Filming begins in either late January or early February 2017.

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...I guess you could just say that I've got a bad feeling about this.


Grand Moff Kathleen Kennedy fires directors Miller & Lord for being too, uh, Millery & Lordy.


Ron Howard is the name being thrown around in this article and others to replace them. Yeesh. He hasn't hit a homerun in a while. But maybe we'll get a Tom Hanks cameo. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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Yikes. I read that the tone n' style was that of a silly comedy...Kasdan wanted a 'western' type vibe, where Han is sarcastic and selfish...not a ham.


This is a movie no one is really asking for, to be begin with. Turning a selfish outlaw - who's solo film should only really exist in a darker / underbelly-type universe - into something as marketable and fun as 'GotG'...is a tall order. (Remember when Star Wars was gritty and dangerous? I do.)


I also have a 'bad feeling about this.'


Rogue One was such a step in the right direction in regard to where these spin-offs can go. They should've gone w/ a 'Boba Fett' solo film right after 'R1'.


Han Solo is a 'shoot first' drug smuggler...what an odd choice to 'Disney-fy' the Solo character as a follow-up to Rogue One. Also...LOL...a Han Solo prequel?

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