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Okay here's my idea. Everyone submits their top 20 movies of all time in ranked order. I realise it'll take a while so I'll leave a long time for people to do it. Then, I'll correlate the data and come up with a final list of the top forum films of all time.


It might just be crazy enough to work...who's with me?

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Can we include series (liek The Star Wars Trilogy) as one entry. It might be useful to tell people to put Star Wars, Back To The Future, Indiana Jones, etc as one entry. Whatca think?


Here's my tentative/no particular ordre list:

Fight Club

American Beauty


Being John Malkovich


Pink Floyd The Wall

Star Wars Trilogy

12 Monkeys


Chasing Amy



Pulp Fiction

LOTR Trilogy (pending release)

This Is Spinal Tap

Vanilla Sky


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Tenative entries is a good idea, help with brain storming beofre I ask people to submit a final top 20 list. Also, I think its best if trilogies are all as one.


Here's some from me in no particular order,


The Big Lebowski


Blade Runner

Apocalypse Now


Day of the Jackal

Buffalo 66


Godfather I II and III

Indiana Jones

Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon

Donnie Darko


Natural Born Killers

Pulp Fiction


Empire Records


Requiem for a dream

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...to much Tim Burton...hah, he'll have some good ones there tho. I bet Amelie makes it somewhere in his, Shawshank Redemption toppin the charts.


(random for now)



The Matrix

Fight Club

The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

The Searchers

Raging Bull

Waking Life


Seven Samurai

Cool Hand Luke

High Noon


Carlito's Way

Taxi Driver

Mr Smith goes to Washington (tentative, but i dig Jimmy)

American Beauty



Ok i need to give this more thought, im streatching it...its our favorite movies right? I mean, there's a few up there that i love but Im not gonna argue cinmatic value with Junker over Citizen Kane or anythin...

Runners-up i have to choose from so far:

Easy Rider

The Graudate

Hard Boiled

Pulp Fiction

Michael Collins

Scent of a Woman

Devil's Advocate (eh, i went to religous schools)

Samurai X (do anime films count?)

Breaker Morant

The Professional


MLB's Arnoufsky ones of Pi & Requiem, etc...


ps more people should see the Big Lebowski, i wanna see that one again. Off of MLB's list i have yet to see Bufallo 66, Donnie Darko and finish Blade Runner. I dont remember Fargo either so i should see it again.

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I sure as hell am not going to try to put these in order, sorry. And these are all personal favorites...dunno if I'd call 'em all one of the "greatest movies of all time".



Rear Window (hey, I like Jimmy, too)

Almost Famous

The Usual Suspects

Who Framed Roger Rabbit (you heard me)

Pulp Fiction

2001: A Space Odyssey

Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid

Schindler's List

Chasing Amy



The Sting

Saving Private Ryan



Silence of the Lambs

Indiana Jones

The Empire Strikes Back


Spirited Away

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Some cool ones there. Good call on Easy Reider IC, one of those films my dad made me watch and loved it after not expecting much.


Silent Bob, don't worry about the order at the mo but I probably will be demanding one a t a later dat so I can set up a scoring system. Good call with Rear Window, definitely my fave Hitchcock.


Can't say I've heard of Sting or Hard Boiled? Any help.

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Ill let Silent Bob handle the Sting (McQueen, right?), Hard Boiled..man youd dig it. Classic John Woo, Chow Yun Fat two gun shit. Most people go for The Killer, which is also good, but i prefer Hard Boiled or A Better Tomorrow...all 3 of those were some of action's finest moments while here in the states we were churning out Van Dame, Segal or Lundgren shit. Swear to god if it wasnt for Die Hard id say we put up little fight during the late 80's/early 90's to counter Woo's greatness...anyway check those out if youre ever given the opportunity Bucket.

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Oh...wait yeah i was thinkin of somethin else, then i was thinkin of Slap shot for some reason. I gotta go back & see that one.

Jax is brave to pre-emptively ad unseen movies like the last LOTR one. Id love to add the rest of the Matrix but i figure ill wait, just in case..

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not much of a movie junkie, even though i did work at a movie theatre for a year and saw every movie that came out that year, that's not the point....


in no set order...


gone in 60 seconds

dirty dancing


la bamba

bone collector

deuces wild


almost famous

lilo and stitch

rebel without a cause

east of eden

the generals daughter

enemy at the gates

a christmas story


the score

fight club




ps... gladiator is much better than braveheart...

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Hard hard hard list to make, and yes, I'll say these are favorites, not "most well made" or whetever, favorites are very personal, and ten times more fun to talk about. And, these are favorites of the moment, this list would probably be very different if I typed it tomorrow, there's just too much amazing stuff out there. Quite a few of these are rock solid though. The first few in particular. Nick predicted a few but here it goes


shawshank redmption

Being john malchovich


who's afraid of virginia woolf?

Dark City

Dolores Claiborne

The nightmare before christmas

Hard boiled

Pulp Fiction

Mr smith goes to washington/It's a wonderful life (tie, similar enough to go together)


Fight Club

Indiana Jones


Jurassic Park

Minority Report (tempted to put speilbergs entire fucking library)

Mulhullond Drive

Spirited away


Royal Tenenbaums

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Jax is brave to pre-emptively ad unseen movies like the last LOTR one.  Id love to add the rest of the Matrix but i figure ill wait, just in case..

There is a slight difference. The LOTR movie were all shot together, so consistantly similar adaptation methods are to be expected. Of course, you can bring Back To The Future in to argue (BTTF 2 and 3 were filmed together, and most people think 3 was very lame). I don't particularily agree with people who bash BTTF3, but the point is taken. But The Return Of The King is based on a book, so the source material is solid. So this much I know: 1) The source material is solid, 2) They turned to similar pieces of source material into gold, 3) this movie was from the same shooting. I wouldn't put The Matrix sequel in there for three reasons: 1) I haven't seen the source material, 2) They created gold just once, making it less certain they can reproduce the effect, 3) The Matrix was great because of it's intelligent approach and sociological and philosophical metaphors. Without those, the action alone would have made it just pretty good. The trailers have proven to me that the action will make the first movie look like a Broadway production, but I'm spectical if they can explore these intelligent aspects fo the movie in further depth without basically rehashing the same thought-provoking philosophical arguments from the first one. Basically, I'd be willing to put money on ROTK being as good as the first two, as much as I hope for the Matrix sequel to live up to my expectations for them, money tight right now and I can't call it a sure thing.


I'm adding Amelie and Casablanca to my tentative list.

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Yeah...yeah i too hope the new, bigger scale doesnt lose its intellect but ive faith thus far.

Virginia Wolf was indeed good, i should give this Dolores Claybourne a go...


Birdy - damn girl you need to see more movies.

Zoolander...hah...i know another chick that would put that one up there, that one was funny as hell. I wont argue, its your list, but...

once upon a time we had another chick here who thought Gladiator was better than Braveheart. I think we ran her off. If youre feelin some anti-mainstream pull here, acknowledge that both won tons of awards.

Then, one day when youve a lot of time, go watch the two, then swing on by this thread and do the right thing. I know you can.

Ha...Glad-he-ate-her's a good movie, but...see thats how i know you crazy. :D


Im tempted to make this one topic o' the week to get it more attention, hear more lists. im leavin south partk there till i find a place to host our creations..but i can just leave it there so fuck it, this one's in stonehenge for this week.

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Damn, I forgot Dark City (which, despite the lack of amazing action, was better than The Matrix IMHO) and Nightmare Before Christmas...hmmm.


Freebird...Gone in 60? Really? And Zoolander was funny as hell, don't care what anyone else says.

Edited by Silent Bob
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I'm back from rainy depressing scotland, wahoo! :D To quote Trainspotting "It's shite being Scottish".


I'm honoured this has been made ToW but I agree, shouldn't more people be sharing their views because of it. Come on I need at least a few more people before I ask for final top 20's. Come on! At least say you exist and will submit a top 20 when I ask for it if you don't want to post now.


On the note of Being John Malkovich I'm off to see Adaptation tomorrow. Could it enter into my top 20, hold your breath.... :D

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