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You wanna watch yourself round here paulalulu, there be strange folks :D


Anyway i think Nanno meant, kids tv programs in general that people would have enjoyed, so respect your elders (but here its all about the post count!)






Defenders of the Earth








Ahhh the memories...... :D they don't make em like they used to.

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The song was the best part. Den-Ver...The Last Di-No-Saur...He's our friend and whole lot more!....


A surfing dinosaur with oversize sunglasses that (this was the second best part) could go unnoticed in public with a disguise as inconspicuous as a Hawaiian Shirt.


Man, I wish I could had this guy at my birthday party...



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Man, who was the black guy in the Defenders line-up? I remember that but looooved SilverHawks. 'Cause their was no merchandising an' i was poor white trash anyways, i had no problem finding pieces of tree bark that resembled the planes an' letting my imagination do the rest.


Did you know I boycotted the Simpsons for like, three years 'cause they'd replaced the Turtles as cartoon icons?

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Dude, looking back on it. David the gnome was kinda creepy. I remember watching Darkwing Duck, Duck Tales, the Gummi Bears, He-Man, the Wuzzles, The Snorks, GI Joe, Super Mario Bros./Zelda, The Smurfs...too many to list here. I have a friend that can sing you any old cartoon theme song you asked him. I think it's a useless but really cool talent.

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Guuummi bears!!! Bouncin' here and there and everywheeeere. Somethin' somethin' somethin' beyond compare! They are the gummi bears! That was the School arvo matinee along with the Barbie cartoon(i'd watch anything at age 6) an' voltron at five on the ABC. Ahh, now i'm gettin' misty!

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HAHAHAHAHA.....I can see JAX dancing to it now.


GUMMI BEARSSSSSSSSS bouncing here and there and everywhere high adventures that are beyond compare they are the gummi bears! THEY ARE THE GUMMI BEARS!!!


What about shirt tails...anyone remember them?


I can't find a pic of them anyone know where I can find one?

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