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Back by a popular demand that never existed, nor a thread that did either!


But, everyone and their dog has one, why not a girl named Rachael with shirts that state truth in bright neon colors that looks like a club kid should wear?!?!


mmmm. So. Anyone?


Feel free to Crap Shack this at any point

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AHH I have 2 questions.. and you look like the best man.. woman to do the job!!


1.) OMG why are you soo cool and nice?


2.) Why is everyone and their brother scared of my lovely signiture picture of Brian Molko?? :(


1) stop the lies! i hate you. Not really. I love you lots, and I Can't wait for SUPER SIN CITY SLASH DRUNKEN AWESOME BIRTHDAY PARTY ATTACK YOU ALMOST BIRTHDAY GIRL YOU!!!!




2) They don't understand the power of Molko Nipple. They'll grow to love it in time, just like Oppai's retired boobies.

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would you rather go on fear factor and eat nasty stuff... or go on survivor and live in the nasty wild?

wish people would come to my 'ask kiggy anything' thread more often    :D  but out of love for MH here i am



I think I would rather eat nasty stuff. Maybe. I mean, five minutes of choking down some worms or some shit, or a month toughin it in the wild...... hmmm those worms starting to look mighty tasty!

and I'm bad at asking questions (I love to ask stupid Q's though) so I thought I would take a crack at answering them! I'll be by your thread soon though

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I'm tired and need to get motivated to finish an assignment. What should I do?


a) drink coffee

b) go for a run

c) watch and groove to John Basedow's Better Body Basics

d) skank to punk

e) get drunk and forget the essay

f) offer to sleep with the teacher for a good grade

g) eat pie

h) think about what Hot Costner would do

i) something else

j) all of the above

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HOWEVER. To be clost closterphobic would almost be oxymoronic.


haha i bet someone could be a closet clostraphobic... if they just didnt want anyone to know... lol


closet deidre


and everyone knows they are a closet deidre... *come out of closet* I know I am lol


and for a question.. to stay on topic lol


Why is no one talking in the awes HONDOS CHAT!!!???

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So, MH:


a) Porsche Boxter


b) The Blob




c) Ga-ga-goo-goo


...and why did you make that choice?


Also, where is this planet Kolob that the Mormons say we're from? (also supossed to be God's planet in their view. Not to be confused with planet Krypton where Superman's from)

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