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Favorite Meat

Reverend Jax

What's your favorite kind fo meat?  

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Most of the time when I have it, we just cut out some random chunks and cook it like chicken fried steak. It's a lean red meat, tastes kind of like beef, only...richer? I don't even know if that's the right word. It has a very distinct flavor, I guess liver would be a good parallel, but it's much more subtle and less gross, and tastes nothing like liver tongue.gif .

Sounds like lamb? Maybe mutton?
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I do have some issues with the killing itself, although they've lessened as I age, but the part that keeps me from doing it is the skinning/cleaning.


Psssht, that's the easy part. The hard part is cutting open its still steaming corpse and yanking out all the guts. It's just meat by the skinning/cleaning stage.


EDIT: Removed the picture in advance so I can be spared the NZA snark.

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All this bow talk... I eventually wants a crossbow. Oh, and I of course picked




Emu meat's pretty cool too. Aarty and I discovered it at a nearby restaurant that primarily deals with game meat. Emu - looks like ground beef, tastes like turkey/chicken/bird.

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Most states only let you use a crossbow if you have some sort of disability that doesn't let you use a normal one. As for normal bows, well, good luck because they take a LOT of practice to even be kind of good with. I've seen deer run miles with an exploded heart so good luck with your little pointed tubes that are moved by the wind. And if its a fairness thing then you really just need to jump naked from a tree onto the animals back, a hunting knife clutched in one hand. That' s the only real sporting chance.

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