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hasn't been a good pokemon since the days of red yellow and blue


Yellow? Do you like having that stupid yellow rat or just love the taste of cock that much?


Red and Blue were good

Gold and Silver (and to a lesser extent, Crystal) are still the gold standard if for no reason than it's basically 2 games in one.

Ruby and Sapphire.... eh

Pearl, Diamond, and Platinum were pretty good, I'm almost at the end of Diamond and am quite sad to find out they're not letting me go to another continent like in Gold and Silver

Fire Red and Leaf Green I haven't played, heard they're good

Heart Gold and Soul Silver - Amber's playing Soul Silver and enjoying the hell out of it, I'm going to play through diamond first

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BAM! Expert show of pokebro solidarity. :director:


I played the shit out of Blue when it hit. Mew was the reason I tracked down a GB Game Genie. I spread a lot of urban legends about how I got one.

I dabbled a bit with one in 2003, I have one or the DS, but I don't think I've put more than 10 hours on any besides Blue. Don't know why exactly.

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I had a GBA SP not too long ago with Pokemon Leafgreen (the GBA remake of Red/Blue) and it was a happy time. Then I got a DS which promptly deleted my fucking save. We're talking Pokedex half-full, about two gym badges left to get and a level 38 Charizard kinda save here. Recently sold my DS on ebay and I'm eyeing up another GBA with Leafgreen. Sometimes change is not a good thing.

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Woo! Just got me some Leafgreen on ebay for like €8 from Hong Kong. Next stop GBA once I get the money for my old DS. I know you're probably thinking "Why not just play pokemon on the DS slot 2?" Well the whole save deleting thing shook me to the core concerning the DS's reliability to keep your saves intact. Also I crave simplicity. I'd rather downgrade to an inexpensive handheld that does one thing awesomely rather than a few things well and make some moolah in the process.

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Well technically your gift was sold well before this as I traded the 1st gen DS you got me for a DS lite and paid the balance. Although you of all people should understand the limited novelty of any handheld for me. The GBA has a wonderfully long shelflife far as I'm concerned.

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