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Leftover Pizza  

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Fresh pizza is good, but it's got drawbacks. It burns your mouth, the sauce is sloppy, and the cheese gets everywhere but your tongue. Cold pizza has none of these attributes and maintains the same flavor. Not to mention the crust becomes nice and chewy, without being stale.


Yeah, cold pizza is where it's at. Except frozen pizzas...those aren't good hot or cold.

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Cold pizza can be quite tasty. For me it depends (usually on the hunger). If I am hungry and I can afford to wait a few minutes, then I will stick leftover pizza in the toaster oven, and it tastes great heated up. But on the other hand, if I am hungry and I mean I need it NOW, then I will just eat it straight out of the box cold. Also depends on the brand. If it's one of those $5 pizzas from Little Caesars, then often I will eat it cold, but if it's pizza from Pizza Hut, then it tastes much better reheated.


You can never go wrong with pizza! :xmas:

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Pizza is a lot like sex. When it's good, it's really good. When it's bad, it's still pretty good.




I usually am munching on a cold slice as I heat up another one in the microwave...


Reheated pizza is sometimes good/sometimes bad...If you heat it up in a broiler, though--magnificent!

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Have you tried that, Logan?


I would just like to point out that the best way to reheat pizza is by using a non-stick frying pan. It crisps up the crust perfectly. Just turn the burner on medium and in about 4 or 5 minutes you are good to go.


I saw Ted Allen do this on TV years ago and I have been reheating my pizza this way ever since. It's awesome.

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