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Oh crap...i forgot bout that one completely.  

Yeah, the aracade one was alright, but man did the SNES version suck it hard.  I wanted my four bucks back from blockbuster.  Was fun to be Cap tho.

Ha....yeah nobody wanted to be Dazzler. I of course loved Wolverine but Colossus was badass too, just that usin the special movies ate your quarters like no one's business.

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Of the titles above, i went for the one I still play today. The Vs. Series is still among my favorite games. With Capcom Vs SNK 2 and Marvel Vs Capcom 2 still being top tournament games, there is still much excitement surrounding them. I can't just enjoy playing these games, I have to enjoy watching people play them as well.

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While I know many here are not fighting game fans, let alone 2D fighting game fans. I am so stoked to hear that Street Fighter 4 has been officially announced. I'm at work and my pants are a mess. :2T:


haha...we're all crazy hyped, sir, but arent you assuming its 2D? i hope youre right, man.

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I don't wanna be a bitch about this, but the thread should be about "beat 'um ups" not fighters. It's misleading.


Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat = Fighters

Streets of Rage, Guardian Heroes = Beat 'um Ups


'just sayin.


Also putting Xmen vs Street Figher in the same category as SOR and The Bouncer is comparing apples and oranges.


...and why is the Die Hard arcade listed under 2-d beat um ups? It was 3-d.

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The Bouncer STLL holds up as one of the best looking PS2 games of all time and it was a gen 1 title. It really was Square flexing the muscle of the system and it was a lot for other games to live up to it.


Hey Square, I'd like a Sequel to it!


(and of course I love it, I cosplayed Dauragon silly man)

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Really? Because while Bouncer had its issues, Godhand's controls were so convoluted they'd make you beg for anything close to what The Bouncer offered.


I never was disappointed by The Bouncer. Four characters with differing moves to get through the main story, all characters available for multiplayer brawls - it starred Sora before he was Sora, for fuck's sake. Bosses made me learn defense and optimal times for attacking. God Hand was all juggle and evasion, which is more Devil May Cry than beat-'em-up.

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oh wow, it had a Kingdom Hearts character? that changes everything


i tend to think the Onimusha/DMC/Bayonetta etc are 3D evolutions of the old-school beat-em-up, and since both are 3D, Godhand has way more throwback to the latter than Bouncer.


it's also a better game. this is a scientific fact.


Kinda wanna go play Streets of Rage fan remake again, but it's better co-op.

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