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Blargh - The Random Thread


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I stole this idea from Thomas Cashel on the Preacher's Divinity board, where the topic had run to 672 replies and 3571 views in 6 months ( ! )


The idea is to post anything you want, with ONE RULE ONLY:




every post must be random, no connection at all to the previous......let's begin:


One day, I'll have an original thought. I will. Someone told me that once. :D

Today was rather windy, i had perky nipples like half the fuckin day. I garuntee i found this far more disturbing than you did. :D



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They took an hour from me goddammit, I had to wake up early the next day... and some asshole tells me that it's not 12, it's 1.  I felt like i wasn't the master of my own destiny anymore, I was insignificant...  Now I know what people felt like when the atom bomb dropped... if they can take an hour... just like that, what else can they do?... I won't stand for this, I'll take that hour right back next fall!

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