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Toolbars. Lol. My mom has a billion of those. I opened her browser and I was horrified. She couldn't understand why her computer, which is better than mine in practically every way, was web browsing at a fraction of the speed.

"How did this happen?"

"How did what happen?"


Are computers still becoming obsolete that quickly? I got mine about 4 years ago, 4gb of ram and an 8800gt in it, still runs everything I need like a champ (knock on wood). I expected to be forced to replace it by now, or at least upgrade it. I imagine new games will force me to at least get a new video card before too long, but I imagined that a year ago too.


Granted, I don't peer-to-peer download on it and I try to use my relatively small amount of computer knowledge to avoid potential problems, but still.

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you konw i hate to bring this whole gender thing up but, yeah that comic Nza posted sounds like me. A girl who doesn't want to learn computer stuff. its too much damn information that i don't care about learning... cuz i got a man who does it for me!! xD


at least i can install/uninstall toolbars!!!


...in all honesty i probably havent learned the basic software setups only because my older brother has taken care of it and now Nza does. perhaps i should learn... but its so much easier if they do.....!!!


lastly what does this have to do with cosmo mag on sex tips?

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yeah, i secretly think the fur dyes are adorable, but cant see subjecting something to them. and the washer/spa pic looked traumatic.


fuck people who dick with their senses (seriously, what's that gotta feel like?) and im sad knowing about piercings and tattoos, though puppy farm dogs ive had had the latter to mark since birth, typically. the one device they left off: LL once had this thing called a flobie or the like, it was basically a vacuum attachment to clean your dog with.


think about that. i dont even have a good analogy for humans that equates the terror this must bring out in the creature: a shower in a giant boiling pot? something like that.

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from my mother's basement I STAB AT THEE CREDITORS


people who live beyond their means & only pay the minimum do get what's coming to them, though. 25% being the current medium is ridiculous too - i got an offer (it's on my fridge, next to a check i got as a refund of a penny) for a card with 35.99% APR. pretty sure my brother had a bookie with better rates than that.

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Ezra and his pimpin' ass Ashes of Al'ar. The article didn't mention that after he passed, Blizz made him an elder of Thunderbluff.


Woulda been cool is Erik the Superhero would have gone all "I'm the surgeon" on one of the villains, or maybe broke a homeless guy's finger for information.

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