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Wonder Woman TV show

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So, after an abandoned Joss Whedon film project and who knows how many other previous attempts, Wonder Woman is finally coming back to TV as a David E. Kelly production.


Here she is, AdriannePalicki as Wonder Woman




Not sure how I'm feeling about the latex pants and blue boots, but I'm all for the boobalicious top. And the imdb link above has more pics of the actress.

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It's not so much the design of the costume as it is the fact that it seems to have been made in a fetish shop that bothers me. Also, any hope I had of Adrianne Palicki even kinda working for this part went away now, her rough attempt at looking tough is almost pitifully cute.


At least the invisible jet looks right.

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Aren't we against David E. Kelley? I thought we were against David E. Kelley.

I haven't liked a lot of his shows, but Boston Legal was one of the best shows on TV in the past 10 years.


The pants were a bold move, but without pants, WW's outfit is just a swimsuit and doesn't seem very superheroie or intimidating in a modern context. Also, the head band is a bit narrow. And the lasso looks a kinda cheap. It's not quite CW level, but it's closer to the CW than to Hollywood. Is this from a test shoot, or is this for an official release promo?


This wouldn't really bother me, except that the animated Wonder Woman movie from 2009 made me really think WW could be one of the best superhero properties if done right, be it on the big or small screen, so I feel like I'm really gonna be let down by it.

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Ah, see...those suits, Eamonn, are Wonder Woman. Now, the first photo, that woman embodies her, in my opinion. I mean, I dig the pants. They suit more than her bathing suit/aerobics mess she used to wear. And once I was old enough to understand her backstory, the clearly patriotic aspect of the suit irritated me. But, yeah, the battle shirt bit is awesome.


Don't like the actress though. Wonder Woman should be stern, with a strong jaw. Attractive but not porn star pretty like the moon-faced , sweet-cheeked thing in the first photo. She does not inspire fear, respect, or awe. That pisses me off.

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That's fine, according to the script reviews I've read she's going to be having sleepovers and eating ice cream, making lewd suggestive comments at her boss, and playing the old "I don't understand your culture so I'm going to make embarrassingly bad attempts to ape it" bit. This show looks like it's going to outdo Smallville in terms of what-the-fuck stupidity. No amount of Elizabeth Hurleys and Cary Elweses can help that.

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