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random bits!


Shooting started around March 8th in Toronto. Three weeks there and the remainder months in London.

Six months long shoot, quite lengthy. Source

Movie seems to be still based in the Alien universe despite some recent reports.


Director: Ridley Scott


Art advisor: H.R Giger


Release: June 8th 2012


Info: Officially one movie and complete tale and not two like earlier stated. Animatronic(s) made for practical effects.

Movie is a slow crawl like the original Alien film with intense second half. Most likely a hard R.

Shot with Red Epic cameras (capable of 5k resolution @ 120fps 3D).






Guy Pearce


Emun Elliot


Benedict Wong


Logan Marshall-Green


Michael Fassbender


Noomi Rapace


Idris Elba


Kate Dickie


Charlize Theron


Rafe Spall


Sean Harris



"She's a scientist and is very bright," she continued. "She's a believer. I think there are some similarities, but she's very much her own. I don't think people will compare her so much to Ripley once they see the movie."


Rapace was the first actor officially cast in "Prometheus," giving her plenty of time to build a working relationship with Scott.


"It's a great honor and I'm really excited," she said of working with the acclaimed director. "I've met him maybe seven or eight times and he's so passionate. He really loves movies. He watches movies every night. He's seen everything. We had a long chat on the phone — he's in LA now — about my character. I have many ideas and he has many ideas, and now we're starting to search and try to find her."


They better find her fast, too, as Rapace starts working on "Prometheus" by the end of the month: "I'm jumping into that straight off of ['Sherlock Holmes 2']. My character's name is Elizabeth Shaw, and I'll step into her shoes in March and be her for six months or something. It's quite a long shoot. It's unbelievable."

Originally Posted by Ridley Scott: "The film will be really tough, really nasty. It's the dark side of the moon. We are talking about gods and engineers. Engineers of space."


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Writer Damon Lindelof interviews director Ridley Scott at SDCC. Shh, it really is an ALIEN prequel.



Weel, Scott admits the biggest non-secret in geekdom, that this is indeed a prequel to his breakout film ALIEN. Seems also that Ridley isn't on the Chris Nolan train at all and is in luv w/ the 3D process of filming.


Cast includes: Michael "Magneto" Fassbender, Guy "Memento" Pearce, "Noomi "Girl w/ the Dragon Tattoo" Rapace (whose name Scott had no idea how to pronounce--awkward gold!), and Charlize "Aeon Flux" Theron.

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I'm inclined to agree with 3, 4...i dunno.


no one else got hyped from that short trailer? i'm so down for this.


See, you're thinking of the last 20 minutes where it went off the rails with the humalien and sucking it out the window and the queen giving vaginal birth. That movie had everything: Ron Perlman, big alien stunts, Brad Dourif, guns, gore, explosions. (You can read that paragraph in the voice of SNL's Stefan for added quality)

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Aliens is one of my favourite sci-fi franchises of all time. Aliens is in my top 5 favourite movies, period. Not to mention Ridley Scott being a movie-making deity. Let's just say I'm fucking ready.


Anyone catch the virals? Having this one as a TED talk was a very nice touch, I thought.


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