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Avengers 2: Age of Ultron


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Could the X-Men be in Avengers 2?


Well rumor has it that the X-Men might be in Avengers 2. Lauren Shuller-Donner, producer of the X-Men and Wolverine franchise has met with Marvel movie producer Kevin Feige and has expressed interest in the idea. There is no word yet. The X-Men teaming up with The Avengers might be fun.



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Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch hinted to appear in Avengers 2



"When you're dealing with the story, when you've got the characters that you love, when you've got the new characters sliding in next to them - it's very exciting. Then I don't feel pressure, then I feel like I'm reading my favorite comic. I've got these two characters, two of my favorite characters from the comic book, a brother-sister act, they're in the movie. That's exciting! You lock certain things in, there's a fluidity."

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I always thought Quicksilver was interesting, but mainly because of his relationship with his father.


The only thing Wanda has going for her is her robosexuality, which I doubt they would be smart enough to dedicate a substantial portion of the film to like they should.

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^is that really a thing? i hurrd Norton was just difficult to work with, are Downey Jr/Evans/etc really not getting what they ask for?


marvel, you sold off your premier shit (X-Men, Spidey) to get in this spot, and then turned your lesser franchises (Iron Man, Cap, Thor, Avengers) into your top-tier shit. don't pull a DC and fuck this up.

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I think he'll be in Avengers 2 but I'm getting the impression he's not going to be the ground-level enemy until Avengers 3 or better. Kind of like how Loki wasn't the threat in Avengers but was still the over-arching villain even though Frost Giants/The Destroyer were the things Thor primarily fought.

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