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Adam West on Ben Affleck as Batman



Batmen stick together.


While fanboys — and more — have been grousing over the prospect of Ben Affleck playing the Caped Crusader in Zack Snyder's upcoming "Man of Steel" follow-up, he's won a few high-profile supporters, including Joss Whedon and Patton Oswalt. Now there's another big name on Team Affleck: Adam West, the man who donned the cowl in the iconic 1960s television series.


"I like Ben," West said in an exclusive interview with Yahoo! Movies. "I think he's really a splendid actor, and now he's proved his chops as a director. For Batman, I have no idea, because I'm not a Batman critic. He might have to shave his beard. Maybe he'll be paid 20 mil to shave the beard. It'll buy several razors. For 20 million, I might cut my ear off!"


Not to worry, Mr. West, Affleck shaved his facial hair off way back when — on Oscar night!


West, who jokingly refers to himself as "The Classic Batman" ("Not the original, the classic!"), makes it clear he's not going to dish on anyone else that played Batman, saying an actor who criticizes actors is "not quite true to his profession." But he thinks Affleck has the talent for the role, and he also spoke favorably of a few other actors who have worn the cowl over the years.


"I thought Christian Bale was quite good," West said. "He was brilliant in 'The Fighter' and different things, and he can play this kind of Batman very well. It was Gothic, it's dark. I was the Bright Knight, if you will!"


And when West was reminded that George Clooney had volunteered that he wasn't very good in the much-maligned "Batman & Robin," West came to his defense. "The thing about Clooney is, he's remarkable," West said. "He's honest, and he's got a great sense of humor, which I love! George was being honest about himself, and there are some roles, things that you do, that you're not quite satisfied with. I've never been satisfied with anything I've done!"


Asked for advice he'd pass along to Affleck and other actors who might play Batman in the future, West had plenty to say, starting with the Batsuit.


"First of all, let the costume work for you," West said. "I know it's working from the outside in, but you can adapt. And don't take yourself too seriously. I think you should always have a little bit of reserve spark of what's going on out there outside the costume. 'Is this really me? Am I this crazy? That was kind of funny!' You know, something that brings out of the mask and the costume."


While West made Batman a major part of the cultural zeitgeist in the 1960s and arguably turned the character from a comic book hero into an icon, that's hardly the beginning and end of his career. West has been a member of the voice cast on "Family Guy" as Mayor West ("Seth [MacFarlane] and I realized we had the same kind of comic sensibility"). West is also the host of a new ReelzChannel series "FanAddicts," debuting this Wednesday.


The 84-year-old actor extraordinaire says that he enjoys doing voice work, and that it provides opportunities for older actors. "When you go in, if you know what you’re doing, it's easy," West said. "No makeup, no costuming, no big egos to deal with. You just go in and do your thing. I like it! I do a lot of voice over stuff. But if you've got a good script, I'll do the other."



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This link says he's contracted for "at least six appearances (and possibly more)," so I guess it has an option WB can exercise to get even more appearances after 6 without allowing him to extort them for more money. It also says Affleck is signed on for 13 appearances. Is that a record? I don't even think Sam Jackson contract to play Nick Fury was for that many appearances. I hope Affleck's deal gives him a percentage on the back end for all those appearances. Edited by Reverend Jax
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as cool as Cranston playing Luthor might be, I really was hoping this guy would get a shot.


Logans posted that on Facebook. Dude makes an awesome case.


So why me over anyone else?

I am roughly the same age, height, and the body-build of Henry Cavill. Another important factor is that I have always wanted to be Superman. For years, I thought that my lack of height would mean I couldn't play that role. Hollywood seemed to focus on 6’4” actors. But Henry showed us all that you can do anything you put your mind to. Simply put, even after all these years, Superman had found another way to inspire me. I wanted to take my want and desire to be Superman -- coupled with my work-ethic as an actor -- and delve into the jealousy and hatred that Lex Luthor has for Kal-El, and the arrogance he has knowing he is Lex Luthor. I want to portray a human who attempts to push himself physically and mentally as close to perfection as any human can. I could be wrong, but if there are humans who are afraid of Superman and his alien race… I want to be the man who champions for them.

What have I been doing to prepare for this role?

During my time with Picnicface, I pushed my body to a whopping 300 lbs. with the ideology that Fat = Funny. I was willing to test my body’s limits physically and call into question my own health to give myself fully to my craft. And I think it worked. I want to take that same approach and apply it here with Luthor.

Physically: I have been working with my trainer and good friend Darren Jones. I also met with a nutritionist who helped me get my eating habits in check so I could better reach my goal of having a physic like Mr. Cavill. To date, I am burning 2,000 calories a day and I have lost over 100 lbs. of fat. I have been hovering at 213 lbs. as I shed fat and gain muscle. In plain terms, there is some lean muscle on my chubby gift-wrapped body (reminiscent of the Showdown between Luthor and Superman?). Mentally: I have been reading everything I can get my hands pertaining to Lex Luthor. I have also looked at some of the most iconic and charismatic people in history and famous speeches from dictators of the past. I’m keeping a journal of thoughts as Lex Luthor.

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you and me both <3


didn't see tron legacy, gonna have to look him up...i have a list of guys i really don't want to play him (sam worthington etc) but i can't peg down a guy who'd play a blind lawyer who's an excellent boxer/slugger and acrobatic too, it's a specific build and calls for a bit've range to be done right too

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Before the Affleck announcement, he (Karl Urban, played the new Dredd and Bones in the new Star Treks) and Jon Hamm (Don Draper) were the two names most being floated around the internet to play Bats.


As for Murdock, if Nicholas Custer is not available (on account that there's a new Zelda game AND a new Pikmin game coming out the month they were gonna start shooting), then I guess...Casey Affleck?

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