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Disney Infinity is an action-adventure sandbox "toys to life"[2] video game developed by Avalanche Software and published by Disney Interactive Studios.[3] It was announced on January 15, 2013 and developed for approximately $100 million. Similar to Activision's Skylanders franchise, the game uses collectible figurines that are then synchronized with the game, unlocking characters from Disney and Pixar properties that interact and go on adventures.[4] The game was released for Xbox 360,PlayStation 3, Wii, Wii U, and Nintendo 3DS in August 2013. A PC version of Toy Box was also released on November 14, 2013. The second edition, Disney Infinity: Marvel Super Heroes, was released on September 23, 2014.




I don't play the game, but I LOVE the look of these figures and have begun to collect. So far I have Spidey, Nova and Venom. Anyone else play/collect?


3.0 will introduce Star War characters and I'm getting a boner just thinking about it :)

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Yeah I bought the starter set 'for my kid' but have since quit pretending and have everything Marvel/2.0 barring a few Guardians and I think Falcon.


Beautifully cast figures and the same scale as Amiibo which is handy, not that I have an amiibo problem or anything.


Star Wars will be a grand expansion but I'll be disappointed if they quit on marvel figures this soon.

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I collect and play! I'm on the Wii U. I got:


Disney Infinity 1.0 - Buzz Lightyear, Woody, Jessie, Lone Ranger, Tonto, Lightning McQueen, Holly Shiftwell, Jack Sparrow, Hector Barbossa, Davy Jones, Mr. and Mrs. Incredible, Syndrome, Sulley, Mike Wazowski, Randall, Apprentice Mickey, Jack Skellington, Rapunzel, Wreck-It Ralph and Vanellope.


Disney Infinity 2.0 - Iron Man, Thor, Spidey, Black Widow, Nova, Starlord, Gamora, Groot, Donald Duck and Aladdin.


My favorite vehicle is Darkwing Duck's Ratcatcher. It's super-sweet. They need to make a Darkwing figure in the next one.


I got too many Power Discs to list. 2.0 is cool 'cuz of the interiors, it gives you awesome assets. I made this Marvel and Disney museum and my 'apartment' is modeled after Seinfeld's apartment. Bzzzzz! "C'mon up!" It's fun if you're into creating stuff. My star toybox is pretty much Springfield from the Simpsons. I also made this cabin in the woods, the interior is the closest I could get it to the Knowby cabin.


I don't know anybody else who plays. Holla if you do!


I'm not rich - LOL! I just wait for the sales: 2-for-1, half-off...they put out lots of sales. Figures are going for $9.99 right now at Best Buy and Walmart. The playsets are $19.99. I think they're pushing out their inventory, 3.0 is quickly approaching: August 23rd. I'll get it when it's on sale a few months down the road.

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It's too much. So much, it's silly! It's so distracting during gameplay footage. (There's gameplay videos in the game for every character - sizzle reels) There's this jutting appenditure where there shouldn't be one! He's not Violator!


I'm sure I'll get him eventually when he's like $5. CARS blows - but I ended up getting that playset on a $9 sale. So, there you go. The completionist in me can't resist some good sales.


Rapunzel was $5, I've never even seen the movie - but she comes with a frying pan weapon. In this game, if a character comes with a weapon - all the characters can use it. Jack Skellington came with exploding pumpkins, Wreck-it-Ralph has these cherries that cause 8-bit explosions, Syndrome came with that Zero Point Energy Gauntlet...some characters come with perks. Venom doesn't bring anything to the table - except annoy me with his design. LOL!

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I don't know too much about the universe of Dragonball. Remember when it first came out on Cartoon Network? My friends all loved it - I didn't. Everybody was buzzing about Dragonball - I thought it was the most boring, over-inflated crap I had ever seen. And I LOVED Power Rangers! Entire episodes seemed to be focused on a punch. Oddly enough, I loved the Budokai game.


Last year at Best Buy, I saw entire Dragonball Z seasons on bluray for $15. I said screw it, let me give it a shot. I have six seasons now - but I let it go after that whole Cell Saga. I hear it just keeps going, but I was satisfied with the business Season 1 started.


My knowledge doesn't go much farther than that Majin Buu Saga - thanks to that Budokai HD Collection on XBOX360.


Personally, I can't think of alot of iconic Dragonball assets that would sustain a mass-market sandbox / playset structure. Alot of the appeal of Infinity is the decades of iconic assets that you can play with. I think Dragonball is at home as a fighting game - but nicely done, affordable Dragonball figures would definitely sell like hotcakes.


Only places I can think of that are iconic and I would like to run around in and explore and maybe edit - would be that island where Master Roshi lived and Namek's cool looking buildings.

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Yeah they're all copying the Skylander model, and as I said previously the scale matches Nintendo's Amiibo so all I'm asking for is a similar set up.


As far as gameplay goes I completed the Avengers mission pack but depsite owning the Guardians and Ultimate Spidey tokens have yet to bother. Initially I was infact roadtesting this as something I could play with Tilly down the track and am now just all about the figures.

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The star of the game is the toybox. Those playset worlds / mission-things are painfully weak and buggy. I beat the Guardians one in like 3 hours. Yikes. Only reason to play 'em is to unlock - y'know, the Milano, Avengers Tower...assets for the toybox.


I totally expect Indiana Jones in like, Wave 3 of this Infinity 3.0 - I don't see a slew of Indy figures, so it would kinda make sense that it would just be his character as a figure representing the series. After Star Wars, I can't think of a major franchise they can milk with a figure line.


I'm kinda hoping, if they do a 4.0 - it would be based on the Disney Afternoon. Darkwing Duck, the Rescue Rangers, Gizmo Duck - hopefully Roger Rabbit! But it probably ain't mass-market enough. I unlocked concept art of Benny the Cap in 2.0, apparently he was gonna be a vehicle disc.





What a tease!


If Disney owned the Dragonball franchise, we would bear witness to an anime renaissance! Oh, man. That franchise would get the 5-star treatment. It would totally be a part of Infinity. I can see the trailer now: all the Disney, Marvel, Star Wars characters hangin' - then Vegeta shows up. Making fun of everybody. Whaaat?


Disney owned Power Rangers for a bit, but they sold it back to Saban. I figured they realized the entire franchise was centered around punching things and being violent towards giant monsters. God, I loved the original run. I hear Ivan Ooze is gonna cameo in the next X-Men movie!


I only have a Link and Zelda amiibo. I'd love to have Mega Man, Pac Man, Duck Hunt, Game n' Watch and Ness. They need to do more with those things, gaming-wise though!. At least with the Infinity figures, you can jump into a 'mash-up' world of your own creation and throw down with 'em. Bonus. But I guess that's the point. Amiibos are a different animal, I guess...right now. Still waiting to see what Nintendo plans to do with 'em in the long-term.

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If Disney owned the Dragonball franchise, we would bear witness to an anime renaissance! Oh, man. That franchise would get the 5-star treatment. It would totally be a part of Infinity. I can see the trailer now: all the Disney, Marvel, Star Wars characters hangin' - then Vegeta shows up. Making fun of everybody. Whaaat?


I'm positive you mean seven star treatment! ;)


I would go apeshit for Roger Rabbit & Darkwing figures.

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