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So I personally think it's way too soon to be talking about this thing, but apparently they have started to ship dev units to third parties.


Nintendo has started sending software development kits for its next video game platform, NX, according to The Wall Street Journal. Sources tell the outlet that the system will "likely include both a console and at least one mobile unit that could either be used in conjunction with the console or taken on the road for separate use." That's what most of us expect at this point, right?

While Nintendo maintains that it won't talk about specifics regarding NX until 2016, there's speculation consumers might be able to buy the system as early as that year.

On Twitter, WSJ reporter Takashi Mochizuki said the NX is "likely to 1) have more than two devices 2) come with powerful chips 3) be launched by end of 2016."

If the hybrid approach works the way I'm envisioning it, I am on board. My favorite part about the Wii U, by far, is the GamePad. I'd like to see Nintendo push that concept further.


I mean, I'm excited for the next console and everything, I just feel like the Wii U got shafted. Of course I could just be in denial, and if this next one is powerful enough my fingers are crossed for more third party support. The hybrid idea sounds promising, but still it's super early.

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yeah it's super early indeed, doubt we'll even see too much at E3 next year - the new head guy says he's mostly following Iwata's plan, and again, they supported the poor gamecube for 4+ years or so, so i'm not worried - though honestly, we're pretty much down to the same situation now (quality first party titles, a handful of 3rd party ones left at best).


can't wait for solid info but with the quality of titles we've seen this gen for the WU, i'd not at all be surprised if they just pull a Twilight Princess (or Uncharted/LOU/etc etc) and work to up-port the shit out of these things to the NX. also? this is literally the first time in forever i can recall thinking them doing a hybrid console/handheld system actually makes sense - hopes for better sales, software development consolidation, etc. really excited here.

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I remember when Nintendo had the best 3rd party ports - Maximum Carnage, Earthworm Jim, Mortal Kombat...now it's just their 1st party stuff that's keepin' 'em alive.


Once they can position themselves again to be an option for all the 3rd party stuff that feeds the PS and XBOX, they are gonna kill it - especially combined w/ all their exclusive titles. They'd be deadly!


I loved the Wii U port of Arkham City - brilliant use of the gamepad, great graphics...that was a solid port. It's a shame how many 3rd party games the Wii U missed out on - but at the same time, Aliens: Colonial Marines never reached the Nintendo console.


Nintendo has to be a viable option again for major 3rd party games. Hope the NX is developer friendly.

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Some more rumors to be taken with a grain of salt.


While any rumours before an official announcement should be taken with a major grain of salt, there's a new batch of Nintendo NX hardware rumours doing the rounds online from a source who has sucessfully leaked information in the past.

Geno, an online source who in the past leaked information regarding new Pokemon forms and Microsoft's Illumiroom project, spoke to Dual Pixels and dropped a large amount of supposed hardware information about Nintendo's upcoming hardware.





While this could all be a bunch of rubbish, the info is all included below. For what it's worth, much of this info does line up with information I have been hearing from a separate source.

- The NX has a wireless HDMI dongle that attaches flush to the back of the device.

- You can pull it out and insert it into any display with a normal sized HDMI output.

- NX uses an evolved version of the Wii U’s streaming tech to display in HD on the TV screen.

- Analog controls for movement have small motors in them for full haptic feedback. If you control a character and hit a wall, the sticks move away from the wall to simulate hitting it.

- Bluetooth synch with tons of devices, including smartphones and tablets.

- You can answer phone calls and display text messages from your phone onto NX screen(s).

- Closest in terms of hardware spec to the Xbox One.

- All tech uses the exact same hardware layout as the PS4 and Xbox One.

- Any game that can run on Playstation 4 or Xbox One can easily run on the NX with near-zero modifications.

- This is even more true if the game runs on Android OS or Unreal Engine 4.

- One 3rd Party dev says “It’s the easiest device we’ve ever developed for. You just take your code, compile it and it works."

- Look to Pokemon GO to get an idea of the type of social features that will be in NX.

- Strengths of the device are its usability and ease of use.

- Operating system, named NintendOS, is very powerful and has so many modern features of mobile operating systems.

- Nintendo is trying to be very careful in showing it off for fear that it would be mistaken as running Android.

- Very strong networking functions, as it ties into multiple devices and services.

- This allows for a very competent and pervasive eco-system designed to constantly involve the consumer’s life.


While this information is all unofficial and unconfirmed, it would line up with a lot of the industry rumblings about the NX.



Still wish this was coming out later, but this is all pretty exciting if it's true. Hype train's getting fueled for me.

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It all sounds great 'cept for the that collision-thingie on the joystick when you hit a wall. 'The sticks move away from the wall?' Dunno if that's a thing on other consoles - but I'm already worried I'd break the gears or whatever in the stick. I'm good with a Rumble Pack - don't need...sudden physical limits on joystick movement.



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Yeah that bit sounded weird to me also. Like NZA said, it's hard to believe much until they give an official announcement. I'm hoping the stuff about the XBone power and easy OS is true though. From what I have heard, that's been one of Nintendo's biggest alienator's of 3rd parties.

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goddamn, that's...exactly the major WU titles i slept on & didnt pick up yet (smash, mario maker, splatoon). if they add mario kart, i'll officially be better off just waiting!


of course, i do need to see more on the actual hardware before saying this, lest they all be Twilight Princess ports that make me wish id've played em on original hardware instead.

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Launches May 2017


Nintendo has confirmed that the NX, its newest console we know virtually nothing about, is to be released globally in March 2017.

The company also confirmed The Legend of Zelda title previously announced for Wii U has been delayed. It will no longer release in 2016, and will instead arrive in 2017 simultaneously for both the Wii U and Nintendo NX.

It's also been confirmed that we won't be seeing much of the NX at this year's E3. Instead, the focus will be on the upcoming Zelda title.

Nintendo is claiming the NX won't be replacing the 3DS or Wii U. Kind of like how the DS didn't replace the Game Boy Advance, right?

This release date is a bit later than previous rumours which suggested we could be seeing it this year, so that gives Nintendo enough time to let the cat out of the bag as to what the NX actually is.


Things I want from the NX:


-Backwards Compatibility on Games/controllers/even the Wii U gamepad.


-PS4/XONE graphics



-A new Metroid game


-A new 3D Donkey Kong game.


-TONS more 3rd party support.


-A normal ass controller.



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we're prolly not getting a normal-ass controller, at leas the stock one, i imagine...i'm just not betting on it. the pro controller is great though, another one of those would work!


i legit feel metroid will come back, it's the 3rd party support i'm up in the air about. this move really consolidates their teams & guarantees a much quicker stream of first-party content, which is of course awesome but i don't think that alone can bring in a ton of people with just the usual kart/smash/etc cycle, even with the new stuff like maker/splatoon/etc. the good news about this being in may is that it gives ample time (i imagine?) to actually circulate dev kits; if this thing was due at the year's end, ti'd be another nightmare because i don't think we've heard a single 3rd party talk about development yet.

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I believe the report says it's coming in March, not May, and I sure hope the dev kits are already in the hands on some key 3rd party developers. 11 months on new hardware is not that much time to put anything of substance out nowadays.


Part of me is thinking that when they say NX 'launches globally' March 2017, they mean that's when they are planning on releasing the NX Nanoswarm into the atmosphere. SkyNX, here we come. Nin World Order. Better get used to wearing your friend codes on an armband folks.


Still it might be an improvement after 3 months of President Trump by that point.

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Damn - 2017. I want dat Zelda more than I want a new console.


A new console, roster?


Gotta have a return-to-glory Metroid. 2.5D like Bionic Commando Rearmed n' Oddworld New n' Tasty.


New DKC - w/ the return of King K. Rool n' the Kremlins.


A Mario 64 / Galaxy Sequel


F-Zero. I'd launch w/ a pumped-to-the-max F-Zero game - it'd be an awesome opportunity to display the console's tech-power.


I really got a good feeling Nintendo intends to knock it outta the park w/ this new console. But the wait...for Zelda...

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NX rumored to not use discs


According to Nintendo Life (via MCV), 3DS card manufacturer Macronix has revealed it is expecting a revenue hike just around the time Nintendo plans to launch its new Nintendo NX console in March 2017. Gasp.

Japanese website Money-Link has reported the following:

Macronix's ROM chips are usually supplied to videogame console maker, Nintendo. Although the sales is in off season during the first quarter, the revenue is similar compared with the same period last year. Wu Miin suggested that as Nintendo had just announced it will release a new generation console in March next year, and the console will be launched at the same time in Japan, America and Europe, so ROM's sales is expected to increase in the latter half of this year, and it will have a large growth potential.

Typically, this kind of information would be attributed to changes with the Nintendo 3DS, but given the company recently tested a new line of 32nm ROM chips - in oppose to the 3DS’ smaller capacity 75nm ones - the new cards with the extra space are thought to be connected to the Nintendo NX.

It’s not the first time we’ve talked about the Nintendo ditching optical drives for its new console, but it certainly adds fire to the flames of speculation.

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