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British Comedy thread - Brass Eye & such

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This is the coolest thing since God knows what. Found out today that Brass Eye series, Paedolphilia Special, extras, yadda yadda yadda is all out now on DVD and video. Haven't been into town recently so haven't seen it so no idea about prices.


To those in the states, I don't know if you'd have even heard of Chris Morris and his exploits but lets just say he is the modern equivalent of Bill Hicks, telling things like they are. I'm curious whether you can find this. I can't recommend him enough.


DA Judge, trust them to release this after you so kindly sent me that stuff. I'll probably end up purchasing it just for the couple of episodes you missed, and the extras.


I'm so excited, that I just can't hide it.... :D  :p  :D  :p

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That's on my shopping list along with Spaced 1 and 2! Fucking new job, getting paid at the end of my second week, broke until then! :dissappointed:


I've a few of the Brass Eyes on tape, but they're scattered about. DVD looks cool, you hear of any good extras?

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I heard about the paedo repeat. Hope the press go spastic again.  :p


KoS, all it says about extra stuff is Exclusive additional footage, commentaries, trailers and soundbin (?)


The extras are only available on the DVD though I think. I found out the DVD is meant to be retailing at £20, dunno about the vid. I'm going into town today so I'll take a look for it and get back to you.

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Fuck it, even if there were no extras I'd buy it! Extra shit is always cool but the soundbin has me intrigued. As soon as I get paid I'll go get it. If you get it first let me know what the extras are like. :approve:


"These men have chosen the way of the animal. They don't deserve punishment, they deserve GUNISHMENT!!" :shoot:

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I found it in HMV. Didn't have any money on me so didn't buy it but the Vid was £15 and the DVD £20. I'm gonna go for the DVD for the extras and the fact I get about £2.50 discount anyway with my student card.


Tell me if you find it any cheaper in any other chain stores.

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Fuck! Went into town to check out the Brass Eye DVD amongst other things, but ended up bumping into a mate of mine before i got near to any of the shops! Needless to say the money i had for shopping was soon spent on ale (Aah, the magic monkey juice)! I'll go into town today though! I think the new Moby album is out too!

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Perhaps it wasn't mean to be Judge.


Good news. BBC 2 is repeating 'The Day Today' series tonight (Monday) and I'm guessing every other Monday. I think at 10:00pm but I may be wrong. Never seen it before myself but Chris Morris and Steve Coogan working together! I think I will die a happy man.

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Holy shiiiiiit.

Bruce got this (Randomly?). Dowe and I watched it at his house and were laughing our asses off! We think it was a special or something. Is there more Brass Eye out there other than the Pedo one? or are there lots of episodes about Pedos? Educate me since I am obviously too lazy to google it meself.


so hilarious.

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MH, really glad you liked it.


A cool fact for you. The suit that Chris Morris is wearing in the paedophile special when he has the egg thrown at him. I have that suit hanging in my closet. I won it in a random radio competition.


There was actually a series of 6 Brass Eye episodes before the paedophile special you should look for. Like the paedophile special they all have themes and they are Animal Cruelty, Drugs (my personal fave), Science, Sex, Crime, and State of Moral Decline.


Other Chris Morris tv shows you might look out for are 'Jam' and 'The Day Today'. Might be available for download somewhere.


I'm psyched you liked it. Newspapers in the UK got pissed when it was aired. No sense of humour :2T:

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The shows were:

- Episode 1: Animals

- Episode 2: Drugs

- Episode 3: Science

- Episode 4: Sex

- Episode 5: Crime

- Episode 6: Decline

- Special: Paedophilia


Chris Morris is a fucking genius. After Brass Eye you should get The Day Today, another news-spoof show he did. The BE special was the best, but the other episodes are funny as fuck as well.


Morris tribute site

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gonna hijack this thread and make it a brit comedy one, in the vein of its original intent (chris morris/brass eye etc). ASC put us on to some good shit while he was here, wanted a kind've catch-all for the rest of it. gonna be some reposts, natch.



"piss off"



DoJ had some good ones too, gotta go find those.

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The Day Today



Alan Partridge


This first clip is actually from The Day Today, where Partridge originated



Spike Mlligan (Most likely the funniest person that ever lived. The Robert Johnson of comedy (and he was Irish))





More later.

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Don't let the accents fool you, this is unquestionably British.



So it's about Hitler and Eva Braun living next door to a jewish couple (who he hates, naturally). I don't know how this wasn't picked up for more episodes.

It's like That's My Bush, but with more genocide and less funny.

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Im,sure Ive posted these somewhere else already...or maybe not. I'm kinda tipsy, and these sketches are really pretty funny.






I love Chris Morris. He even made a video for a Four Tet tracks that's mighty awesome:


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