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What songs do you like to get it on to?

La Lindsay

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So I've seen threads asking what your favorite romantic songs are, your favorite songs to listen to while your in a chemically-induced mind-altered state, saddest songs, etc. but I didn't see any about which songs you like to listen to while you get it on. Personally, I can't think about listening to R&B. It would make me laugh I think, not put me in the mood. This thread was inspired by Daytripper posting the lyrics to "Closer" by NIN. Damn, that song just makes me want to throw someone up against the wall. :D

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Yeah, i had a chick who got mad wet for that song...and some megedeth songs, she was somethin.

Its funny, cause some chicks say hard rock, say smoov R&B, etc. One ex always wanted the Romeo & Juliet soundtrack, specifically, the Garbage song on it. Me, i could go at Kenny G: i love music, im just not picky on soundtracks. But ive found Miles Davis to be good when youre in that mood.

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Ooh...Miles is good. I'd probably go with the Doors, specifically, the self titled album. If you can really start getting down and dirty when The End starts...damn, that can be a wild trip. Haven't had the oppurtunity to try it out, but I suspect Innervisions by Stevie Wonder would be cool too. The White Album is also hot...I just wouldn't want to have to get out of bed to skip Revolution #9.

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I always thought it would be hot to get it on to

Mazzy Star's - Fade Into you

Sneaker Pimps' - Six Underground

NIN's - The Great Below

and I'm sure there's a bunch of Motown hits you can groove too. Maybe too many to mention here.


heh, I just noticed how sexual all these titles are.

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Marvin Gaye - Sexual Healing

Art of Noise - Moments in Love

Flock of Seaguls - Come on Eileen :D

Uhm, didn't Save Ferris sing Come on Eileen or is that a cover of Flock of Seagulls...remember they sang, "And I ra-an, I ran so far a awa-ay"



I want to add Red Light Special by TLC, anyone remember that one?

And because I love Garbage, Number 1 Crush (That is the Romeo & Juliet one) and Milk. :D :D hehe ;p


Is there a spanking emoticon?

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