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So, thanks to Dante, im balls-deep into Season 2 of this show, and its only gettin darker. This BBC comedy apparently only went for 2 seasons (and some chirstmas specials) so far, and its really geared towards fans of dry brit humor, a la Fawlty Towers and the like...the jokes are fast (and thankfully devoid of laugh tracks), and the awkward silences are painfully long sometimes...


It's basically a show filmed as a reality TV event, only, it follows a fictitious british paper company and its handful of employees, from the wanker assisnt to the regional manager (ex-regional army Garreth; he's a highlight) to the show-stopping Manager David Brent, who's sadly convinced that he's a comedian/entertainer as well.


Recently, 2T had an avatar from said show, so im hoping at least a few of you have had a chance to catch it. We've got the whole thing bootlegged on DVD over here, so lemme know if anyone's lookin to check it out...shit's funny.

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Yeah I like this show. The humour as IC said is dry and British. I thought the Christmas Special was especially good. I'd kind of like them to leave it there (Fawlty Towers was only 12 episodes long y'know), while it's still great.


If you dig The Office IC I can't recommend Alan Partridge shows enough IC. He is a Brit comedian, Steve Coogan's, best creation. The humour, again is quite dry, and the character is even more cringe-worthy than David Brent, believe it or not.


Check out I'm Alan Partridge series 1 and 2 if you can. I promise you wont be disappointed. Couple choice quotes below:


Lynn could you have a word with that builder - yesterday his jeans were so far off his backside you could more or less see his anus.


Dan's a great man. I was talking to him today on the phone and he was asking me what phone I have and I said a Motorola Timeport and he said 'that's SAAAAAADDDDD! you need to upgrade' and I said 'so do you to a new face!' He nearly soiled himself he said he was laughing so hard, he had Kenco coming out of his nostrils and that made me laugh... But my nostrils were clear...


That was classic intercourse!


Anyway, can't fault The Office.

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On Myspace they have what I think is the first episode of the American Office, or most of it, free to stream.


It's a lot funnier than I expected, it makes more sence when you realise that these are different characters than the origonal, just the same Archetypes that you can find in any office. The new boss is good, he's a lot faster than Brent, but the comedy is still rooted in aggonising moments of embarasment.


I was worried that the American version would be a bit more PC, but from what I've seen it's more blatantly racist than the British version.

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Ok, this is pretty interestin, now that ive seen it. It's americanized, but the humor's bein transfered over better than i thought, its not a half-ass dubbing.


"Diversity tomorrow, because today's almost over."


"Abe Lincoln once said, 'if you are a racist, i will attack you with the north.'"


"Im part native-american."

"what part?"


"That fraction doesnt make any sense."

"...the suffering, i dont like to talk about it."

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well, finally went back & finshed this series...christ, by the 2nd season's end, its so painful watching some of David's scenes, i was literally looking at other things.

Christmas special was cool shit, good way to close out the series....not sure how the US version turned out because i still havent really seen a whole episode, but this shit was fun, though again, the humor was so dry its not gonna be for everyone.


"oh, thank god! im waiting on a blind date, yeah? and i was afraid it was you."

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By the way, I hope everyone there has seen Extras, and if not you should download it now. If just for Patrick Stewart's cameo.




Patrick: Well, how best to explain it? You've seen me in X-Men?

Ricky: Yeah.

Patrick: The character was Professor Charles Xavier. If you remember, he can control things with the power of his mind. Make people do things or see things. So I thought, "what if you could do that for real?" I mean, not in a comic book world but in the real world.

Ricky: Alright.

Patrick: So in my film, I play a man who controls the world with his mind.

Ricky: Right, that's interesting.

Patrick: So for instance, I'm walking along, and I see this beautiful girl and I think I'd like to see her naked. So all her clothes fall off.

Ricky: ... all her... clothes fall off?

Patrick: Mmm, yes. And she's scrambling around to get them back on again, but even before she can get her knickers on, I've seen everything. I've seen it all.

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anyone catch the start of the new season? It was more fun than i usually picture rabies being.


Nick's comparison to rabies paints a pretty vivid picture. I've only seen the US office, been wanting to get around to watching the original.

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Ricky Gervais is hilarious until you realize the awkward humor is pretty much all he can do, then it just gets tired (See: Ghost Town, actually don't see it, it's fucking horrible)


While Michael vs. David is a close call I have to give the slightest of nods to Steve Carrel's Michael, it's by a razor thin margin but I like him better.


And Dwight is funnier than Gareth, no disrespect to Gareth but Dwight is the shit.


However the rest of the cast was better in the original office. (Well at least the parts that they actually bothered to flesh out in the original office. I.E. Chris Finch, the receptionist, the awkward guy with the crush on the receptionist, and Keith (who is the fucking goods!)

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How has nobody commented on this thread since last year? No Office fans, I guess :-/



I really wished they had kept the Holly thinking Kevin is retarded storyline going, that stuff had me in tears!


i dont comment on it, like i dont on its always sunny...i guess cause i figure its well known to be brilliant, this season's been grand the whole way through. just caught the Crime-Aid one tonight. and yeah, that angle was awesome.


as for baytor...i totally give it to Carell, mostly cause the show's been on longer/had to cover more bases at this point. the brit guy was really good season 1, and painfully awkward (as was intended, but jesus) by the latter of season 2. comparing cast...i liked the fat guy that dressed up like Ali G a bit more than Kevin, im with you on Dwight vs Gareth, but i do take a certain joy from kelly, the indian chick, as well as Creed. theyre just highlights for me.

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Well Kelly and Creed don't really have British counterparts, their characters fill that niche that a bunch of glorified extras did in the UK version. Pretty much all the US characters that don't have a UK counterpart are great.


But yeah, sadly as good as Gervais is at playing awkward that appears to be his only talent, the fat guy you are referring to was named Keith and he is hands down greater than Kevin but that's mainly just because Keith was so motherfucking awesome. And yeah, Dwight is just hard to beat.

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