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best real fight you've seen



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that was a pretty good fight.  But I can't recall a fight that was pretty much evenly matched.  Maybe Ali vs. Frazier.   But are we talking about fights or matches?   If we're talking about fights then I'd have to say one of the best fights I've seen were two girls in Jr. High going at it. I sware it seemed like I had ring side seats at the UFC/strip a thon.  They were really kicking some ass.   You knew they ment it when their shirt and bra got ripped off, exposing everything and they did nothing but kept fighting.  People were holding the security back  to keep them from breaking it up.   That was a great fight.   I knew the one named Rebecah for the rest of high school too.    I stayed out of that girls way.   :0

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Best fight I ever saw was also two girls going at it. Weird stuff too. The were going at it over a guy, while the idiot just watched and laughed. One girl wasn't into it, but the crowd wouldn't let her back away. They kept egging her on.


There was the usual girlfight features: clawing nails, hairpulling, bras flying...

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the thing about vanden, is it's a small campus.. so when a fight breaks out, you just see lots and lots of people swarming to the site... it's incredible.. and i mean EVERYONE, from all the cliques, the loadies, the preps, the rockers, the punks, the rappers, ALL GET  up and swarm.. the best fight i've ever seen was at vanden, it was between two girls, hispanic and black, and it was over a guy, the guy was just sitting back, all nonchalant, watching the fight, and dude, the funniest part of the whole thing, while they were going at it, the mexican chick goes and pulls the other chicks weave out.. damn that was funny, so the black girl is hopping around going "my weave! my weave! oh no she didnt!!"  and all this other shit, come on think of it, most of the fights i've seen at vanden are with females.. we have some savage women down here...


i've only been in one physical fight in my whole life.. don't plan on getting into any other ones.. it was painful..


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"i had this fight on vinyl."

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WTF are y'all on about--that "gay brawl" was so lame. And of course there's ghey lame commentary from the camera guy. Why didn't that guy in the white shirt punch him--he seemed to have hit/slapped everyone else.


Seriously though, I've seen jr. high school girls throw down harder than that. Seriously. These two black girls jumped on another one last year and it was brutal. Bloody bits of hair everywhere. They even pushed a male teacher about JZA's size who was trying to break it up (poor fool) into a Christmas tree. It took three of us to separate them in the end.

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At one of the massive rolling parties we had at my parents house...this D-bag kid tried to steal a cell phone from a girl. The good guys didn't approve of this. They find out and hunt him down outside sitting in his car where the stolen phone is. He freaks out and turns on the car... and instead of reversing and leaving he goes into drive and literally drives over the leg of the girl who's phone he stole. (Her leg was not broken/I think the grass gave her some padding) So then the good guys pretty much swarm the car and start beating the ever-loving shit out of this kid...kicking him, punching him, attempting to rip him out of the car....he actually reverses this time, and drives away.




So we get everyone inside...hell no I do not need the cops rolling up on this fucking circus (even if my dad is a cop)...the girl is scared and bruised but ok.




Dumbfuck d-bag kid comes back....while the good guys are outside smoking....this time, they get his car door open and not only open it, but our friend who is a MMA fighter bends the shit all the way in the other direction so it's touching the front fender...they beat his ass, again. His boy (who we actually like) convinces him to get the hell out of here before he gets himself killed...and the d-bag drives away.


**The most hilarious part**

Come to find out, in my pooked out high as fuck state...and I'm talking I am 5 rolls down and who knows how many blunts and bowls have been passed around...I happened to be making out with said d-bag kid like 3 hours prior to the ass kicking event...and I didn't even remember the act or his name...but was told by his boy...yikes!


I called bullshit as I was clearly entirely too intoxicated to be held responsible for my actions...I as forgiven...but the d-bag is still banned!


Cast: The Good Guys

James A, James B, Danny, Jarren, Ish, Manny, Alex. At least that's who I remember dealing out the ass whoopin...the craziest part was watching Jarren put his size 11 Aldo dress shoe into this dude's head!


Lesson learned!

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How is a bar left off of the poll? Saw one not too long ago in the parking lot where it started as a chick fight, but the girls started turning on the guys really quickly. One of my employees tried to break up the girls and a guy nailed him in the ear. Well it was a huge group so it was all chaos. I yelled that I had called the cops so some of them start getting in their cars. This one girl was punching like a dude, hitting a guy through the window of his pickup. He hit the gas and she got stuck and was dragged through the parking lot. Cops caught them down the road trying to load a stolen gun. They went to jail on felony charges, I think they were on probation already. Turns out they were arguing over the mavs game.


Funniest fight I saw was when this guy with no legs was tring to pick a fight with this huge black guy at my bar back when I was a bartender. Big guy was annoyed, but the legless guy was all flailing his arms and yelling swear words. I guess it wasn't really a fight because it was one sided, but it was pretty funny.

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I'm steppin' in to represent the nerds.


Years ago there was a little game called "Smackdown 2" which some of you may have heard of. In this game you could make a stable of up to 4 people and all engage in the main "storylines" together. My friends, who are twins, Jason and John all had a stable together with me.


Now prior to going into the game we all picked a belt we wanted and went for that so there was no conflict of interest. John went for the World Heavyweight, Jason went for the Intercontinental and I went for the Hardcore belt. (Jason and I also held the tag team belt together) We were playing for a week or so when the game decided that it wanted to pit Jason against John for the heavyweight belt with me as the special referee.


So before I go any further on this, I don't know how much experience you guys have with twins but they can be pretty temperamental with one another. So, before we even got started I wanted to make sure this match wasn't going to get personal. I had them put down their controllers, look at me and told them: "Guys, I'm going to call this fight clean and down the middle unless one of you hits me. Got it?" They nodded and the match started.


I'll spare you the details all you need to know is that the match went on for a while because they were both pretty good at the game. Jason was pretty beat up and John went in for a...clothesline I believe when Jason ducked under it, knocking me out for a moment. By the time I was up Jason had John pinned and I dropped to the ground and did a "fast count" against John, costing him the title.


...right about now you're saying: But Bindy, this was all in a video game, that's not what this thread is about.


Oh, but it is. Like I said earlier, twins are VERY temperamental. As SOON as the bell rang and John lost the title he threw down his controlled and jumped on Jason, pummeling him. I watched my very own "hell in the cell" that night. Plates got busted over each other, fists were flying and I stepped out the sliding glass door to watch the show from outside while having a cigarette. It was awesome.

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