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Mike's Mixed Martial Arts Madness Thread!

Da Cap'n

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You like that shit, huh? It's the first video of many I assure you. Mike's addicted to that new program. Honestly, with that video me, Ario and Mike were just playing around. It really turned out awesome. I'm glad you liked it, Nick and thanks for fixin' it up on here, too.

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:sad: There's a lotta sleepin' going on in this thread, and that's cool, not many people know Mike (aka Super Donut or Mike is Numero Uno!! here on Hondo's), not many might acknowledge the feat of being a 3x national wrestling champion, but he fought his first UFC fight last weekend and beat the piss out of some poor hometown champ, video forthcoming. Fighting fans need to keep an eye on this shit, Donut's the business.
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Mike doesn't fight for the UFC. He's in another league that's name escapes me right now. Here's his first fight. It's like 5 minutes I guess. Mike's the fighter with the long hair.


P.S. Isa, if you BF's cousin happens to be in the same weight as Mike... I feel bad for him...



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