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alive she cried

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THIS fuhh king guy. He's a madman. And he clearly loves what he does.








I know what you're gonna be thinking here "Aw, c'mon, the kid can shred alright. Surely there's worse covers than this." WAIT FOR THE SINGING! it's stupendous. You'll thank me later.

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Logan, WTF? That Metro cover made me wish someone would drive a bus full of dirty diapers into your store then set it on fire. Bloody hell, man. There's only one version of that song you need, original included...





Too cool.

You complete me.


+1 coming your way tomorrow for that awesomeness.

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You could've at least posted one of the live versions he did, axel.:sarcasm: I should probably be grateful you didn't post some horrible cover of Metro though. *cringes*



Probably my favorite song that Foo Fighters cover...



Q: How do you make a country song actually enjoyable to listen to?

A: Get Adele to sing it.



Also applicable to certain Bob Dylan songs...


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That one is by Rabbit Joint, so you're SOAD hatred can remain untarnished axels.


There's something about Legend of Zelda themes that seem to inspire mislabeling. I had a really cool one in 2004 or so that was alternately shared under NIN, Tapeworm (lol tapeworm), Tool, Throbbing Gristle, Perfect Circle, even saw a Type O. I have no idea who did it to this day. No lyrics, but it was the shit. Probably a garage band or something.

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