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I looked around, even asked ASC where to post this, and surprised that I didnt come across any stand up threads, but I am sure it is somewhere. Anyways, wanted to create a thread that would allow one to pimp out comedians.


My current pimp goes to Todd Barry, very dry and funny.


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Early footage of comedian Dan Whitney. Look familiar??? Look closer, you will see that's no other than Larry The Cable Guy BEFORE he "turned" redneck.



Pay attention to some of the jokes, they are very familiar as he uses them later on as Larry (like the "going fishing and caught a Cuban" bit, and the "met a girl with a beauty mark, was kissing her and it was a tick" for example).

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Hah, I remember him! Much as I hate the redneck thing, I have to admit the Larry persona works better for him.


One of my personal favs - Steven Lynch:


Vanilla Ice Cream




A very bleeped out Craig


And my personal favorite Little Tiny Mustache (by the way, the censored word at 1:28 is "shower"...apparently Comedy Central found the punchline to that joke a little too offensive...like the rest of the song isn't)

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Here's another brilliant yet little-known musical comedian named Rob Paravonian, doing a rant about how he -hates- Pachelbel's Canon in D.









...I swear to God, I can't listen to -any- of those songs anymore. Watch the vid and you'll know what I mean.

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nowhere near as funny as the stewart impression, but more carry impressions


david caruso impression


sammy davis jr impression


not as funny, but accurate rocky balboa impression


interview with johhny carson, some quick impressions on it


energetic letterman interview


and just ol stand up

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Dylan Moran - The best living Irish comedian.


10 minutes long but the last four are the best.


Continued on from the first


Even after seeing it several times this show makes me laugh so hard i could pee. You can get that whole show on youtube. Its in seven parts.


Now for some Dane Cook. Me and Doj saw him live when he supported Denis Leary in Dublin a few years back. He totally stole the show.

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