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Sup guys & gals.  I need to get my hands on some ROMS.  I pulled out Mayte's ol NES the other day & we were having a trip.  I need to get her & myself some of these games.  If you know a good spot to grab SNES, NES, Genesis, NeoGeo emulators & Roms, please leave the links here.  I've been running into a bunch of dead ends & endless banners.

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For Arcade (mame and such), Sega Master System, and Neo geo games I go to fileplanet.com, just go to classic games, and they'll have a bunch of stuff.  It's a pain in the ass to get anything else nowadays, I'd actually be interested in where to get good NES, SNES, and genesis stuff too.

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I see on Kazaa you can download them.  I'm going to try a few from there.  I use SNES9xW  good program.  Also have NESticle, GeneCYST and KBMame... but it doesn't work.


I want Mega Man games... Castlevania... Metroid... Samurai Showdown 2+... alot of stuff.  I just want to make a compilation of them and I'm sick of going to that top 100 site & being led in circles by banners.

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That's a good idea, i can do that. Ill give a quick general list if i can, let you know what i got, you tell me what to leave in a ROM folder on FTP 1...


genesis.gif: Streets of Rage 1-3

Golden Axe, Shinobi, ToeJam & Earl, Sonic 1-3, Vectorman 1-2, NBA Jam, Moonwalker, Gunstar Heroes, Strider, Rambo III, Bonanza Bros, Castlevania Bloodlines, Double Dragon, etc....


nes.gif: fuck. 165 of em, no lie, if you dig it request it, i might have it...if you want, instead of listing i could just screen capture the list and leave it in the ROM folder?


snes.gif: Castlevania IV, Contra III of course, all the FF games you dont care about (prolly), Actraiser, DK country 1-2, Zelda, Megaman X (only part 1, sorry), F-Zero, Final Fight, Smash TV, Starfox, Street Fighter II (i wanna say Wolrd Warrior?), Mario Kart, Mario world, Mario all stars, Mario bakes a cake etc.

do you remember the Super Star Wars series for SNES? I thought it was cool, tricky controls tho..i have all 3, good games but hard.

Turtles in Time, Metroid, Super Punch-Out, Off-Road, X-Men: Mutant Apocalypse (good one nobody played), Zobmies at my Neighbors, etc...


Anyway i gots a lot. I can upload some now if ya want or have em burned for you when i get back in miami, your call Chiefy.

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Chief....you gotta answer my damn question and say what you want...ive got @ 250-300 megs worth of ROMs for those 3 systems...

PS could you upload the emulators you use? I have Netscile & Genocyst (same program i think, just different platforms..its real easy to use, i love it) but my SNES one's never been that good, and they all need upgrading...

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Sure, I use SNES9X for Super NES games... I tried a few for Neo Geo but couldn't get them to work. Did you ever get a N64 one that worked?!


I want some cool NES ones, they're small enough to upload en masse. The SNES & GENESIS ones turn out to be up to a few megs each, for dialup, that's a bitch to upload.

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Ok...you want me to just toss all 30 megs of NES ROMs into your folder?

N64...no i never did, but Yahven did as i recall...he said Zelda 64 lagged, but that was when he owned this computer so im sure its better now. Ask him bout that one...as for Neo-Geo, nah, i never even tried, got Magic Engine for Turbografx hacked tho, that was cool. Been meanin to check out MAME (arcade one).

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Hey, so i was thinking, now that ive got a non-arcahic PC i should get back into these some day.


I had Genocyst and Netsicle working ok, someitmes. Never got MAME but always wanted to try it - where's a good spot to get a current emu & ROMs, isohunt & torrent sites or wha?

Also, what's a cheap controller i could use to play them, or does anyone have an extra? I think XP shat on my old Sidewinder.

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ok, best emu's for their prospective platforms IMO.


NES: FCE Ultra is all the rage plays damn near anyhting including Castlevania 3.

Genesis: I use Kega Fusion, it supports just about every old sega system known to main including Sega CD and 32x.

SNES: Tough call, SNES9X is keen, but I always preferred Zsnes, just works nicer.

Turbografix/CD: Well, you have two options Magic Engine which is the shit, or Yame which is also the shit. Magic Engine only does TG-16 stuff, while Yame also does some nintendo systems. Still Yame is free while Magic Engine is not. There should be an english version of Yame somewhere at : Retro ISO Gaming Guild. Now you can play all the old Turbo-CDs you missed out on.

Neo-Geo: Lotsa chouces though I would stick wiht either NeoRageX or Kawaks, several versions of MAME also support Neo-Geo.


You can get all of these at Zophar's Domain. Badass site. For ROMs I go to EmuAsylum


As far as pads, Radio Shack oddly enough has some good cheap ones, I picked one up for $20 the other day, dual analog.

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Ok you guys have been going about it all wrong...stay off Limewire. Many of those roms are corrupted and are non-compatable. Your Rom Fairy Godfather has arrived and this link and it is all you will need for now... Enjoy...







http://emu-russia.km.ru/default.php?a=roms&l=en ROMS


http://emu-russia.km.ru/default.php?l=en Main Page




This link is a Russian "underground" site- All roms are American versions unless indicated (there are tons of Japanese versions also)


If you have any troubles downloading the roms, check out your software. Your browser/download manager has to be able to return the REFERRER parameter correctly. Some firewalls block this parameter so check out it's settings. Otherwise, you'll get the error/link stealing page instead of necessary rom!

It's clear that Mozilla and Download Accelerator


DO NOT return (or configured to do so by default) the REFERRER parameter at all (and DA sometimes tells that you need a password to download roms - it's crazy :)).

You should use browsers (Opera or IE) or good download managers (FlashGet or GetRight) to download the roms. They all work fine. The site's library is incredible and the site itself is easy to navigate.


There is also a section for






ROM Managers






The graph below indicates System's name Downloaded

ROMs Downloaded

ROMs size, Kb Total

ROMs Total ROMs

size, Kb



Atari 2600 3,280 12,614,880 1 3,846

Atari 5200 72,823 701,036 125 1,204

Atari 7800 68,709 1,933,601 125 3,463

Atari Jaguar 49,770 98,322,440 55 103,143

Atari Lynx 54,156 6,732,867 96 11,757

Bandai WonderSwan 88,924 86,491,590 117 104,077

Bandai WonderSwan Color 81,913 137,503,703 69 110,117

Coleco ColecoVision 87,690 984,381 201 2,254

Fairchild/Luxor/Zircon/SABA Channel F 11,080 23,455 26 51

GCE Vectrex 647 392,082 1 606

Mattel Intellivision 84,219 607,552 228 1,635

Memotech MTX512 1,554 183,600 1 360

MSX1 2,195 25,180,620 1 11,498

MSX2 2,679 48,625,596 1 18,171

Neo-Geo Pocket 108,629 68,708,436 128 71,928

Nintendo Entertainment System/Famicom/Dendy 4,860,124 591,890,434 3,063 340,263

Nintendo GameBoy 1,450,926 174,468,217 1,542 174,774

Nintendo GameBoy Color 1,738,973 918,036,181 1,260 582,448

Oric/Atmos/Telestrat 207,927 4,275,071 851 15,514

Sega 32X 111,209 203,486,444 48 85,583

Sega GameGear 318,674 55,975,170 388 65,375

Sega Genesis/MegaDrive 3,065,227 2,162,512,817 1,760 1,106,294

Sega Master System 457,402 52,186,917 475 51,583

Super Nintendo Entertainment System/Super Famicom 6,587,505 6,266,944,192 3,456 2,963,696

Tandy Color Computer 598 212,290 1 355

Thomson MO5 575 2,622,575 1 4,561

Turbo Grafx 16/PC Engine 512,476 118,513,646 496 111,505

Virtual Boy 22,543 9,011,561 28 11,261

Watara Supervision 15,582 303,806 44 856


Total: 20,068,009 11,049,445,160 14,588 5,958,177






Latest Files Added 9/05



MAME 0.100 (Win)

MAME32 0.100 (Win)

SNEeSe 0.842 (DOS)

SNEeSe 0.842 (Win)

SSF 0.07 aplha R12 (Win)

Nebula 2.25 (Win)

ZSNES WIP 0909 (Win)


RAINE 0.43.1 (Win)

RAINE 0.43.1 (DOS)

RAINE DLL Pack (Win)

ClrMAME Pro 3.73 (Win)

Kega Fusion 3.4 (Win)

RomCenter 2.70 (Win)

SNESGT 0.200 (Win)

No$gba 2.1b (Win)

No$gba 2.1b (DOS)

GoodGUI 0.952 (Win)

VirtuaNES 0.92 (Win)

Hu-Go! 2.12 (Win)

Edited by MusicManiac
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