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Lost in Translation


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Hey - a number of people have been tellin me bout this one recently, was just wondeirng if anybody on board here had seen it, and what they thought of it...? Havent even seen a trailer, so i dont really know the premise...

on a side note, the 4 people i can think of who've seen it; 3 are board members, so hopefully we'll get somethin...

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Doh! Thanks for postin, I completely forgot to review this one. Good stuff, reeeaaally good stuff. It's a pretty small story about a chance encounter between two people in a bar. Bill Murray is a washed up movie star in Japan to film a whiskey commercial and Scarlet Johansen (the "other" girl from ghost world) is in Japan accompanying her husband on a photo shoot. They're both sad and sort of stuck where they are in life and they connect with each other. It doesn't devolve into a dramatic romance or a thing where they fix each other's lives or any crap. It's a small, subtle, realistic character study. If this sounds too artsy for you, it's also funny as hell. The humor is of the "fish out of water" variety, poking fun at some Japanese culture, but Bill Murray gets that and made me laugh out loud for the better part of an hour and a half. And his performance in general was just perfect. Bill Murray is lookin for an oscar, and I wouldn't at an eye if he won one for this movie. At it's worst, this movie's a hilarious performance by Bill Murray. I really liked everything else about it too. You don't see too many subtle movies about these small moments between people, especially ones that dont come off like the gay cowboys eating pudding stuff. Highly reccomended for a good laugh and a quiet look at real people.

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i think Lost In Translation is one of the most beautiful movies i've seen this year


the plot in no way is rushed, it moves at a moderate pace and takes its time.,


I also dug the fact that it kind of had a sophisticated sense of humor, one of my favorite lines (which i can relate to) is during a scene when Scarlett Johansen and Bill Murray are talking about careers and such, and Sarlett graduated from Yale witha philosiphy degree and can't think of anything to do with it, and she says something to the affect of "I tried photography. I went through that "girl tries out photography" phase" priceless...i highly reccomend seeing this movie, I'm thinking about seeing it a second time as a matter of fact... Sophia Coppola out did herself

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Bill Murray is lookin for an oscar, and I wouldn't at an eye if he won one for this movie.

Yeah, seems liek he's wanted one ever since Rushmore. It wasn't too long ago that the idea of Robin Williams getting an oscar sounded rediculous, but if this movie can get itself nominated then more people will see it and then he actually has a good chance.

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3 people! call em out.


ok. you're stuck in japan you don't speak japanese. bam. lost in translation. it's pretty slick....... only if you read into it. lots of quiet shots, still shots, and nature shots. works really well in getting the point across of isolation and loneliness. when the real noise comes, it's the commercial director spitting out japanese for a whole 5 min. now, the translator translates it down to 5 words in one sentenace. wow. somethin's wrong there! now there's the quiet scenes, where you see Johansen skipping across circular stones in a serene pond, closeups of flowers, and monks in their concentrating state.


Bill Murray is totally fit for this part. I heard (from richard) Coppola followed and pestered him for 4 years untill he accepted the role. Totally worth it.


Johansen did a good job, and ribisi played a small part here as her husband. chihiro keeps talking about how i think this girl is cute, so fine - she is cute and also the type that i prefer, but she's not better than chibot.


all in all, i saw this movie in the wrong frame. action in my bloodstream was low at the time. but did enjoy nonetheless. (don't see school of rock. it was painful for the first hour)

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First of all, I think this movie shows the characteristics of Japanese culture quite well. Unfortunately, there are only few movies like lost in translation. I don't like to admit, but usually movies only show an American's image of the Japanese, which is just a japanese stereotype and not true. In this movie, there are so many scenes that I couldn't stop laughing because of the culture gap between Japanese and American. All of them are so true. I was happy to see these kind of movie which describes Japanese culture so well.


Secondly, I like the concept.... lost in translation. Murray has no good interpreter - therefore no communication with the japanese. The movie also shows his lack of communication in other areas of his life. There can be a parallel in the fact that he might not communicate with people back at home and the inability to communicate with the culture that he is in now at all. The same result is achieved. Yes, this is totally my territory. I personally prefer to watch this type of movie. Even though the movie was slow, I still enjoy the plot and people who are in the movie.



when timothy comes to Japan first time, it would be worst than Bill Murry. :D And then after the trip to Japan, he will laugh more if he has a chace to watch lost in translation again. Probably the movie will remainds him of himself during the trip in Japan.

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when timothy comes to Japan first time, it would be worst than Bill Murry. :D And then after the trip to Japan, he will laugh more if he has a chace to watch lost in translation again. Probably the movie will remainds him of himself during the trip in Japan.

Wow! Chi-bot actually posted something. :D


Wow, that would be really funny to see Tim in Japan for the first time. Maybe we should stick him in a suitcase for this winter, ne?


I really wanna see this movie. People have got me so interested in it.

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I saw this recently along with Kill Bill and I now I'm re-fascinated with the whole Japanese subculture bit... I want to go to Japan and pick up one of those flower light fixures Charlotte hangs lightly in her hotel room... and by the way,

Yeah, except for Kill Bill. Kill Bill's portrayal of Japanese society wasn't stereotypical, was it? Was it?

i agree, i don't think it was stereotypical, just shed a different area of the culture. One of the cooler parts of it in my opinion, combining history with pop culture- Tarantino really did his research for this one which wasn't doubtful... note another film highly recommended to watch...


but anyways,


lost in translation- Great film. If you get a chance, go see it. As others have mentioned, it comes along with these slight subtleties which makes the entirety of the film a subtle fact itself, about self displacement and communication. The use of the fast paced industrial culture is placed to lose the characters in setting in order to explain their feeling of detachment in all setting- note the title.


Its atmospherically beautiful, and a wonderful visual to observe. There are many great scenes that play well together in a slow fashion. And there are some I know whoever owns that J-pop icon would possibly enjoy...


And the soundtrack is great, if anything listen to the music, the works are from Kevin Shields- so at least you can pretend you were in the theater seeing it as you run these reviews in your head... hasn't there been enough to convince you yet?


Oh and its a bit comical, alright some scenes a whole lot comical, then I had intended it to be while keeping its reflective piece suspended throughout.


All I have to say is... "lip it, lip it!!"


Go see it to get what the hell I'm talking about.



fakename :D

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Wow...that's a really nice review fakename, im really sorry i missed out on this one. Ill check back but i dont think were showin it anywhere in miami anymore.

So, is this a theatre experience one, would it be ruined in any way if i download a bootleg/catch it on DVD? Ill keep lookin but its scarce out here.

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....sadly, i had to watch it without Azu.


Finally got to see this one (years later), pretty much agree with what everyone else said...Chi-chan's parallel of Murray's lack of communication with the japanese around him, and his family back home, was pretty good too. I remember someone complaining that this was just like a random look at 2 people's lives, and that's pretty much what it was. Murray was great (as usual) and shows he can carry stuff like this, and that Scarlett chick was good too.


Idve enjoyed this one if just for Murray & the shots of Kyoto. For relaxing times, i think ill make it Suntory Times.

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Only mildly disturbing, that.


Jay Pinkerton gives an interesting look on how the moive coul'dve gone down:


I recently got into a heated discussion with someone about the indie darling Oscar nominee Lost in Translation (they liked it, I didn't). I thought it was sluggishly paced and poorly directed; they thought it was nuanced, textured and real. We agreed to disagree.


Afterwards, though, I tried to think about how I might have made it better. I think the results speak for themselves:


They're Extreme Tactical Weapons Force. The most elite branch of National Security.




"You ever gonna change, Murdock?"


They break more rules before breakfast than most people make all day...




"A scorpion can't change its poison tail, Talia. You know I break more rules before breakfast than most people make all day."




"I guess it's a good damn thing I don't play by any, then."


Their methods are dangerously extreme.




"Extreme Tactical Weapons Force is out of control, sir! We have to pull them in!"




"They're also the best damn Extreme Tactical Weapons Force we've got. And you damn well know it."


"Damn you for being so damn right."


But when an elite corps of albino terrorists threaten to unleash biological thought bombs on America…




"I want one billion dollars in kruggerrands, or I'll see to it that every mind in America gets, shall we say... a very bad cold." [laughs]




"You're insane."




"Am I? Or is it that I'm so sane, I'm unleashing biological thought bombs on America?"








"Don't insult me, Murdock. You'll never make me talk."




"No. Maybe not, Vorkandac. Maybe not."




"But I think I've got a group of business suit ninjas here who can."




"Bonzai, mofo."








"Something's wrong. Murdock! That gasoline salesman! He was an albino! GET DOWN!"
















"Here's the deal, Benedict. I give you Murdock and Talia on a platter. You give me the blueprints to your thought bombs."




"What a strange, sad, hot dog-scented little man you are."








as "Patches"




"Get down on the ground! There's a warrant out for your arrest, Talia! This is real! Don't make me shoot you!"




"Damn it, Patches. There's a bomb in that Thanksgiving turkey. If I don't diffuse it, Murdock's family will eat it, and explode. I can't let that happen. So if you're gonna shoot... shoot."




"Goddamn it, Talia. I hate it when you're right."












"Damn it, Collins, I said shoot Blade Murdock! That's an order!"




"I... can't, Sarge."




"Looks like your men went and grew a conscience, Williams."




"DAMN YOU!!!!"






"When I'm with you, Talia, I... feel like I'm drowning."




"So... what's so bad about drowning, Murdock?"




"Well. You die."




"Okay, two things."


















"But... but you can't kill me. I have diplomatic immunity, Murdock. And you have the papers to prove it."




The meaning of those papers, Benedict..." CHK-CHK "...might have gotten lost. In translation."









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