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Final Fantasy: Advent Children


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OK, so any respectable FF fan caught the news from this year's E3: Final Fantasy - Advent Children is Square's big project. Taken from here:


Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children is the much anticipated sequel to Square's top selling game Final Fantasy VII. The sequel however will not be in the form of a game [like Final Fantasy X-2], but instead as a CG movie.


The movie will run for somewhere between 70 and 80 minutes and will be released on DVD and UMD [for the Sony PSP]. It will feature a total of 20 characters, including the popular Cloud and Sephiroth, and is being developed by Square-Enix in conjunction with Visual Works.


It is expected to be released in Japan at the end of 2004, with a US release to follow shortly after [first quarter of 2005]. No word on a European or Australian release has been made as yet.


The trailers all over kazaa, suprnova.org, everywhere. It's amazing, and more footage is being leaked out...there's a lot of questinalbe stuff, tho: Did any of Cloud's companions survive the end of FF VII? Are the few shots of them from flashbacks? Who's the silver-haird guy Cloud's fighting, and more importantly, who's the old man with the shroud...could that be Sephiroth?!

Still other clips have a roughly-translated Aeris, supposedly saying she didnt want to die that way...icon13.gif So yeah, many years later, there's more to the story, a full 2 years after the game's end. Any info beyond that that ive seen has been heresay.


What are your thoughts? Hyped? There's already fan music videos out there, put to Linkin Park & such...ill toss up some pics, but let's hear from the FF fans!

Me...i think Aeris was swell, but i hope Tifa shows up. I'm also very suspicious of the whereabouts of ShinRa, as well as if Sephiroth is alive, and trying to revive JENOVA...in any event, here's some pics, so you can see how amazing this is looking (the trailer's really, really worth it, to see it in motion):












More info here!

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How similiar of a feature length movie effort will this be to Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within? It's not going for a theatrical release, and Square Pictures was bankrupt from it. Will it not be distributed by any movie distributors?


Most importantly to me, will they rerender the movie for the English dialogue so the lips sync to the dialogue. I see that as the huge untapped potential of CGI movie that none have a tried. They you have the movie in a different language, the lip movements could be changed to sync it and the movie could be rerendered! I'm not sure how much it would cost to do that, but I'm guess it's too expensive, or they would do it at Pixar and Dreamworks.

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This I definitely gotta see. I do hope Tifa's back. As for Aeris though... They bring her back.... after all that hard work of leveling her up, only to find out she's done with at the end of the first disk... I'd be so ticked... :D Then I'd get over it and just watch the movie.

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Yeah...i could be wrong here, but i think this is the formerly disbanded Square Pictures...bear in mind, they partnered up with both Electronic Arts (all the sports games) and Enix (the biggest RPG developer in Japan), and theyre focusing pretty hard on their FF franchsie now, so a straight-to-DVD production is less of a gamble, given the niche market its shooting for, as opposed to "The Spirits Within"...plus, fans cant bitch that its not stuff theyre unfamiliar with like last time.


I personally dont see this going big time, like Pixar or Dreamworks, and it'll prolly just get a straight dubbing...if so, ill import a copy, there's no way i wanna see this one without subs & original voice actors.


Not to spoil shit, but...the way i understood it, Aeris' death was pivotal; id be very surprised if that was undone & she was brought back....no matter how bad the fans want it. Im just expecting an appearence, not a return. There's some kinda game comin out about this too...anyway, check out the screens at that site, look at the renders of Cid, Vincent, Red XIII and more! No Cait Sith that i saw, tho...

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7 was my first FF, if you can believe that. After that I own almost all of them. I'm still missing 1 and 2 I think (too lazy to check) and I stopped playing X-2 for a long time. Advent Children will probably make me want to play a new game of FF7. :D

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Hey Dante, I wonder if Nestor & Alex have seen this yet?  I figured they would've joined by now after reading this thread at least.

Did you send them a link to this thread? I'm sure they would have signed on faster than I did. Since Final Fantasy seems to be their only life source to...live.

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Highlight all the paragraph with the story note spoilers (I guess :D) ....


Plot Summary for

Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children (2004) (V)

Taking place two years after the events of the multi-million dollar hit videogame "Final Fantasy VII". Cloud Strife, ex-SOLDIER, and mercenary, struggles with his past, and decides to live a solitary life, in a peaceful town with orphans. Then one ordinary day, Cloud recieves a phone call for a job asking protection from a mysterious man named Kadaj. Kadaj, Loz, and Yazoo, all brothers, begin searching for their "Mother", and soon decide to invade the orphanage where Cloud resides. Tifa Lockheart, appears in the film; still working at 7th heaven she keeps an eye on Marlene (Barret's daughter) and other orphans as well. Vincent Valentine, one of the hidden characters in Final Fantasy VII, apppears to be living in solitude as well, with some information regarding the scheme formed by Kadaj, Loz, and Yazoo. Barret Wallace, another character among the many in Final Fantasy VII. Barret seems to be wandering the world in search of a better energy source than Mako (energy that was used by the Shinra Corporation, infused in humans to make them better). Reno, Rude, Denzel, Zack, Aeris and Sephiroth as well!

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Bah, I stood alone being one of the few people that not only understood, but liked, FFVII. The only other FF games I got into was FF:T and FFX, and currently FFXI. The reason I spend so much time on FFXI is because they keep adding stuff and the other people online are pretty cool.


I'm looking forward to FF:AC, but I'm not anxious about it. I read enough fan stories about Cloud and Sephiroth to kinda wind down that flame.


... unless teh Turks make a cameo, wooo-yeah!

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Just thought I'd post some images to get you guys even more excited than you already are (I never played VII so I honestly have no idea what the hell you're talking about). Be warned, there are a lot of images.









































































































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What the hell is it with Sephiroth and the fire? Every other Seph pic he's in the fire. Dante, I think we found your daddy!



I'm really sick and tired of seeing images all over the net and I wasnt to see the movie already! What the hell I'm suffering anxiety here!


This is definately the watch-drool-pork event for all ffxi fans


*creams himself in anticipation*

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