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Alright, so I watched any episode I could catch last year of Arrested Development and I thought this show was funny as shit. No laugh track. Excellent comedic timing by all of the actors. Amazing writing. Very sharp. Quirky characters. So I bought the DVD of the first season. Best investment I've ever made. I highly recommend watching this show. My mission in life is to get everyone I possibly can to watch this show.




Michael : Mom wanted me to tell you she doesn't care whether you live or die, but if you're not dead, she would like to see you at the courthouse tomorrow in a blue sweater.


Buster : Dammit! I hate the blue sweater!


Michael : She said it would look nice with the gray pants.


Buster : Dammit! She's right!




Lucille : I don't want to leave Buster alone with all the J-U-I-C-E.


Buster : I can spell, Mother; you spelled juice.


Lucille : What a genius. Let's see you find it.

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"He's your brother, too!

Everyone's laughing, and riding, and cornholing...except for Buster."


:D oh shit, i had to stop at that line, almost spit up m'drink....


s'more highlights:


"we'll have enough money for you to neuter every cat and dog...no more cats & dogs; theyre a thing of the past."


"thats what you do in life...you just...you grab that brownish area by its points, and you dont let go, no matter what your mom says."

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OK, seriously, you guys need to buy seasons 1 and 2. Or at least bit torrent(?) them because if this show gets cancelled and another season of joey gets greenlit, i'm going to have to kill myself. do you want my death on your conscience? of course not. or at least most of you don't...now go buy or download the show already.

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Seen some of this series (not much, unfortunately). Very funny. A friend of mine has the first season and we talk about doing an Arrested Developement marathon every so often.


...crap, this is on Fox? Fox, as in the "Channel-that-kills-good-shows"?

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well, it's over. officially? that's up to showtime. there was a lot more closure in the last episodes than i had expected but they still left it open for showtime to pick it up. :)


i'm still pissed at fox for burning the last four episodes against the opening ceremonies of the winter olympics. fox, you've made a huge mistake. and hopefully showtime won't make a huge mistake by passing up this series.


in the meantime, you will be missed.

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