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Upgrading Hondo's software

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Hondo's App would be awesome. I'd buy one. It's a pain using Hondo's on my iPhone.


Waitaminnit, I think I know the problem here.


DoJ, are you seeing Mario in other places besides on the computer? Is there a Mario in the room right now?

It was likely a leprechaun dressed as a plumber. And DoJ really should check his beard for that thing. DOn't want one of those runnning around loose in the house.

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stilly - its good to see you, man! don't sweat it, either - this is mostly minor stuff (if you get a chance though, could you PM me the coding you used to get the signature borders? its not gonna be the exact same on the new version, but at least id have an idea...)


everyone else: please read this post, i know most of you cant create stuff, but im asking for input here on # 3 and especially on # 4.

also, for # 1, if any of you have ideas/can google & find us a free wiki, that'd be great too.


ok, i'm gonna need some design help/ideas from some of you guys for the upgrade to carry over smoothly.


1) I'm looking, but not finding a wiki mod...StillB sadly had to ditch the one he made (poor guy got his whole site hacked from it...), so im looking into free alternatives, only found a few sites but they wanna charge us monthly, which isn't happening. if you see/know of more resources, lemme know.


2) I'm gonna contact Losifer/any other hondonians good with imaging, as ive got about 5 forums currently needing logo work...in each case, ive got an image, i just need it adjusted to certain parameters/not looking too much like ass. I'm getting the exact/idea parameters as we speak, so if you can help with this, please chime in/PM me.


3) Looking to smoothen out the forum's front page so it doesnt look like i made it with frontpage in 2002. current logo's fun, but id love just a page with one of these classics and no cluttered links about/under:






2nd one is prolly the easiest, i imagine...just a small white page around it. treating that as a default for now.


4) finally - the tabs up top the board's main page...i know they get slept on, and half of them are a sloppy mess, anyway. but id still like to have tabs for our art gallery, donations, mebbe the F.A.Q., etc. i'm looking into if they can be custom tabs as part of the board itself (as seen below our "i heart hondos" logo - reads "Shoutbox", "Awards", "Calendar" etc). not sure about this yet, but if anyone has input/ideas on redesigns here - or even just which tabs up top you value & would like to see kept as permanent links (note that all these pages would still be accessible, but they might be harder to find, which im ok with since a number of them aren't all that relevant for day-to-day hondo's, and im really trying to give our main page less clutter)...again, post your thoughts!

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I've solved 1.




As for 3&4, I can only offer hatchet job paintworks unfortunately. But I can provide photoshop to people who need/want it. If you can get me any kind of source code too for the forum, I could probably find something in the endless wonders of the internet as to a guide etc etc, if you wish.

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cute, man. that link's gonna be :shady: by this time next week, though


well, for # 4, i mostly wanted input to see what tabs (if any) up top the board's main page you think need to stay visible - im thinking art gallery, donations, not sure what else past that just yet.

if i give you an image, can you resize it to fit certain dimensions (i.e., make a forum banner of it)? if so, that'd be mad useful too.


also, a fair warning: having a hard time finding the mods/coding necessary to keep our agreed-upon terms; meaning, if i cant sort this by the relaunch, be prepared for (hopefully temporary) sig limits until both the once-per-page display & border limits can be safely established.

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fair enough - was gonna hit up Los & anyone else i knew good for this specifically, but i could still use feedback on the bolded stuff from any of you (which tabs on the main page you'd like to see still accessible from there, etc) - gonna be some changes & i dont want to hear any complaints that there was no chance for input.

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UPDATE: apparently we're gonna lose about 300 positive feedbacks in the upgrade, board hero loggins will revert to -3 for the good of all. what a guy!


for real though, i put it up on the main board as a notice - we're going offline in the morning, hopefully back up inside of 24 hours, depending on Dark Souls various factors.

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