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so, ive spent half my morning on the phone with Invision, half of it with Stillbored. We both got completely blindsided by this. Seems there were more ramifications for the cease & desist/takedown thing we got yesterday than i'd initially realized.


I'm not really great at explaining the tech end of things, and stillBs at work now (where i should be) so here's what we got:




The problem is, the complaint reached Invision. They're a great company but they're getting bigger, and this is more attention than they need. Thing is, they host our entire site, and they're basically giving us the "grace period" because we've been loyal customers for years now.


This isn't the worst part; we've had to switch servers in a pinch before, and although they've been hands-down the best deal for our money, we can make do elsewhere - likely with more server space, but less speed. The bitch of it is, we have our license for the software only through this deal. Meaning, we're losing that, too.


After the initial panic, StillB went looking about, and it looks like were gonna end up using Ikonboard, another popular forum software build that Yahve actually originally used for this board; its got fewer mods but i recall it being easy to use. Anyway, needless to say stilly's a fucking lifesaver.


The kicker - and please try not to dwell on this part as much as we've been - is that converting our software from our current one to this new kind is neither smooth nor fast; i'm told much post data (names, dates, post/topic #, actual contents etc) comes through jumbled, if at all. Which means unless stilly can do the impossible during our grace period - and i feel really awful trying to put all of this on him alone - we're honestly looking at having to start fresh, much like we did in '04. The upside is StillB's pretty sure we can keep raw data like usernames and post counts, ironically, so there shoudlnt be any re-registering.



Point is, this is a lot of bullshit happening very fest, and frankly i've really got to get to work for now and not think about this. I know not all of you appreciated this little Hondos Inc stunt, but i hope you realize our intentions were just to have a good time. I'm fairly certain SpunkyMonkey didnt intend for these consequences to be brought down on us at the time he got flickr/yahoo's involved, and i'm trying not to hate the guy for doing so, but regardless, this is what it is now.


if you read nothing else, read this: Please feel free to manually backup/copy any posts you particularly want to be carried over. Stillb assures me we should have things in order by the weekend, so if nothing else, i'm going to do my part to carry over as much of our legacy as possible. I appreciate everyone's help & understanding in this fucking nightmare....wish us luck. I've no doubts we'll make it through.

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This is ridiculous, fuck whoever reported this to Yahoo, seriously, not to mention, can't they understand that it was a parody?


Has anyone contacted Yahoo themselves? It's doubtful that they might contact invision again, but who knows.


Also is there any way to convert boards from one software to the other?


I can't find one at ikonboard, but vbulletin will let us and it's not that expensive. Just talked to the guy on the phone.


I think that is much better option.


I'm also willing to let Hondos use my webspace until it expires in may.

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just talking to george, he said you can do a convert to vbulliten and I am part of a website that did this a while ago and it went pretty smooth, just need to reset passwords. he said there was a lifetime license of $180 but I'm sure we can cover that and I can cover that tonight if need be and other people can pitch in if they want. maybe we should do this?


Also yahoo is well withen there rights to send that letter and normally it ends as long as you take down the material which we did, you can't fault yahoo for proctecting their shit, it's a big company and they launch a special investigation for every complaint.


**yay for double posting, george bet me to the news**

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vb's got some neat stuff if we can get enough people to pitch, it uses an addon system so you can add bloging software and such for people who want it.... we should talk to nick though before we start passing a hat around but I think it's a pretty good choice, or maybe still, not sure who's doing that transfer.

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It sucks, but we can get this done if we get on it. It's not the end of the world, the most important thing is making sure that the board is backed up. Once that happens, we can convert it or what have you.


We just need to make sure that the data isn't lost.


FUD looks ok, though it doesn't support subforum skins, vB does. I also can't find a converter for it.


We're not taking money yet, BTW, just seeing who will be willing to o so.

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I need to read the TOS, Nick. any way you can post that up?


This doesn't seem right. copyright infringement is usually called in whenever you're using another's image to either profit from it (which we are not) or falsely identify with them (which this would be the case, but it's parody). This just doesn't seem right.


Nick, send me a copy of the letter so I can have my lawyer friend call up invision and see if we can't work this out. I think they're jumping the gun here cos they're scared of Yahoo.



Or this is a prank.

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