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Comic book BLARGH

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I know Zeus comics on Dallas did. Never heard about Lonestar doing one. Probably not interested since it doesn't involve trading cards or miniatures.


The best part is the 24 hour marathon, you get in a really weird state of mind after a forced stretch of creativity like that without any TV or videogames to turn to, running on nothing but a steady supply of free coffee, sandwiches and gumption.

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Wasn't this thread supposed to be about photographic evidence of geek fueled consumerism?

Banksy used to think the same way. Then he made a movie about changing his mind. All due respect to you and Art there, Logans, but some people just don't have "it" where drawing is concerned. I'm one of those people. The whole act of drawing just frustrates me b/c I have an idea in my head and I can't translate that idea (or even a reasonable facsimile) on to paper. I'm sure if I was a super-disciplined person I could study, practice and improve my drawing ability to a degree, but I'm not. :???:

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I still say poppycock! If you have a story, or a joke or gumption, then your art skills matter not a whit!


Now, if you don't have any of those things, then the art isn't what's stopping you. I would rather read a crude stick figure comic written by someone awesome than some poorly written bag of barf that happens to be drawn by Alex Ross.






Lemme tell ya though: I know damn well I'm not some great artist, but what actually comes out on paper is maybe, maaaaaaaaybe 10% of what I envisioned in my head. I think it's like that with most people.


Ok. I'm all done now.



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What, no Happy Noodle Boy examples?


I can see where you're coming from here, Logan. But honestly, those stick figure examples are for comic strips, and quite frankly, drawing (in a modern sense) at it's most rudimentary and crude. I think you should know that when people say (myself included) that they can't draw, they mean they can't draw "well" or anywhere close to "well." Same thing goes for writing not everyone can write "well." I can't remember a single damn comic book story Alex Ross ever wrote, but I'll never forget a great deal of his drawings/paintings.

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For the record, Dennis Worden's Stickboy up there is actually a full size comic book series, I just picked a page that stands well on it's own.


Yeah yeah yeah. I get it. All I'm sayin' is that if you can write, you don't have to be able to draw in order to make a comic. The same is not true the other way around (not for me at least).




Wait...wtf am I even talking about now? What's this thread about? SHOW ME YOUR TITS HAKU!

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Unproduced Jim Henson screenplay turned in to a comic. Could be cool...


Archaia has something big in store for this fall. On November 16, one week before Thanksgiving and the release of The Muppets, the Los Angeles-based comic book company will unleash A Tale of Sand, a new graphic novel based on a "lost" screenplay written by Jim Henson and writing partner Jerry Juhl. "It's the last and only screenplay that Henson never got to produce in his lifetime," says Archaia Editor-in-Chief, Stephen Christy, "so we're bringing it to life as a graphic novel."
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