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So, when i was in the states a couple of years ago, i picked up this dvd




Had to buy it, i was watching it recently, and its just so full of laugh out loud moments, its crazy.


I was watching the space madness episode and was in convulsions of laughter.


I remember you could watch it on BBC2 on a monday evening at 6pm


It was the best thing ever, it still is one of the best animated shows out there.


Its a shame, that John K left under such a cloud, because in reality, after season 2, it never was the same, it seemed to be toned down.


What does anyone else think?

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I loved this shit when i was a kid, i still have a stimpy doll somehwere but he doesnt fart anymore, tragically.

I stopped watching after John K left, and agasinst Jont's wishes, never saw the new, sexually-awkward series either.


Space Madness, that one where Stimpy wins a million dollars, Fire Dogs, and of course Happy Happy Joy Joy were my favorites.

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I watched a few of them when they were on TV but I just couldn't get into it. Maybe try downloading one or two of them first so you know what you're getting yourself into. The one stand out part for me was:


In one scene, Ren informs Stimpy, "I'm the pitcher, you're the catcher." Then Ren (dressed like a baseball player) dives under the covers with Stimpy, and they have anal sex.


There was a thread about it when it was on TV. It may have been lost but it might be around here somewhere.


Here's the thread from 2003. I really musta hated it. I remember not being too impressed back then but man was I ranting.... :2T:


Note: this was posted in my California days, where drugs were in abundance....

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man, i miss this cartoon something fierce... it was... well.. beyond twisted at times but thats what made me enjoy the hell out of it... to be honest, when i was watching it, i didn't notice much of a dip or what season each show was.. given i was about 15...


i really need to find this shit again and watch it.... i see the occasional episode or two on digital... but its rare....

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I just remember this show grossing me out mostly.:misty: with the nasty upclose animation of disgusting things suhc as pimples and barf....


Man, My bro LOS LOVED this stuff... so we would watch it together with my other two siblings... hahah, good -siblling- quality time. I love my brothers... :2T:

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I still quote him to this day.


R&S was my very first CD actually. Ah, good times. We were discussing this show recently and thinking back on it i'm really surprised with how much they got away with. (Then again so did Animanaics/Tiny Toons etc, in retrospect.)


I did watch the "adult show" at some point. I guess they really just needed to get that out of their system. I however, was sorely disappointed.

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If you think Ren and Stimpy got away with a lot, you should check out Rocko's Modern Life. I've no idea why my mother allowed me to watch that and not Beavis and Butthead, the former is much much worse. Cow and Chicken was also cut from the same cloth.



have you checked out Adventure Time? As much as i hate watching the MILLIONS of repeats, i have to admit....it's right up that alley. the joys of parenthood is nothing short of comparing and introducing the greats haha. :howyoudoin:




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