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ok firs thing out of the way, it turns out I'm fat.... I know I know, surprised me too but what can I do...


Turns out I can do alot, in the past 2 weeks I've drop 16 lbs already and I want to keep that moving.


I've switched to a low(basically no carb) diet and taking some appetite suppressants.


I have also this week started jogging(well half walk/jog till I build up more stam) everyday as well. I know that doing a full gym workout would probably be better but with my company going through a merger over the next 2 months I'm not sure I have the time atm. I do plan to start something in Nov. though.


this thread is basically here to help motivate me and anyone else, I will track my weight loss every 2 weeks and will put a pic's of myself as I hit plateau's.


I'm counting on hondo's to help keep me going, mostly though what I figure will be ridicule and humor and some support :P

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ive told you, you're not really that fat, for an ogre


always good to see the effort, man. couple of thoughts.


1) its your call, i recommend cutting back on but not cutting out carbs. you need good ones (oatmeal, whole wheats etc) to really push yourself, though obviously it's better to not do them late at night.


the other thing to bear in mind (since i know you've gone through cycles before) is that doing anything as major as cutting out carbs entirely, besides giving you headaches & such, is so foreign from your usual diet that it's highly possible when you hit your target weight, you'll go back to eating them steadily and balloon up. i know it's slower going, but again, good carbs and pushing yourself can really help curb eating/wanting the bad ones (i still have a cheat meal at least once a week, but if i eat greasy/salty bullshit on other days, my body punishes me when training so it works out).


2) Los & I are just about 2 and a half weeks away from finishing our Insanity workout challenge (which is thoroughly beating our asses now, and recommended if you want something at home that requires no real equipment); following this, he's gonna keep at it a bit, im gonna take at least a few weeks to go back to running/swimming/stairs and keep my aerobic cardio up while letting my hand heal. if you're down to jog/run the 97th ave bridge bish & I used to do with us, lemme know man.


3) given that you're angel, push yourself but don't overdo shit. if you catch an injury, you'll lose all motivation & likely gain. we both know what i'm talking about here.


best of luck man, anything i can do to help, lemme know. don't forget that a number of trainers've told me if you can somehow manage to do some cardio when you first wake up, before you eat (even 20 minutes is good, whereas normally you need to do at least 30-45 for it to count), your body is said to go into metabolizing mode for the rest of the day, might be worth trying out!

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words words words

**god damn it I forgot to log the fuck out of tash's account again.....



I"m with the same doctor I was before so right now it's a super low carb diet but that changes as you progress through the program, I also try to do a cheat day a week or eat a couple small things here and there, it worked so far and keeps me from losing my mind lol, that said, cutting out the amount of bread and rice I was eating was a good thing I think.


I'll read through the insanity thread and I've been good about not trying to overdo things, so far anyway, honestly I"m too out of shape to really over do things... yet.


3. I know I need to run in the morning but honestly I sleep like shit lately so I've been doing it at night when I get home, it's not as good but I do plan to switch over as I continue.

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I've been trimming down lately.


Here is a picture of me yesterday.




I've been playing tennis, jogging and mountain climbing to keep fit while upping my intake of fish to about 4 times a week and I'm down to 15 stone 4 lbs from 17 stone 8 at the start of the year. I can only hope to continue this trend of receeding.


As a note of reference, that jersey used to be skintight.

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lookin good, DoJ.


gun - ah, its a doc's plan, by all means stick to it. take it slow but don't lose your momentum! i gotta get losifer to post in this thread, we got wrecked today & im still sweating, like an hour after the shake & shower.

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Yes! NZA...that drives me crazy after my workout and I'm ready to chill and my body takes forever to cool down...additional stretching under the fan helps some.


When you can't afford the gym...mother nature can very literally rain on the damn parade and cut a walk/jog short...which has been annoying this week.


Added light arm weight routine to my workout recently to tone up. Lots of reps and variations.


Yes, Doj...very nice. :wink:

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Has anyone tried a High Fat Low Carb diet? I did this last year. For example eat some eggs instead of bread for breakfast, or good cereal. You need enough to keep you going until the afternoon. I also switched to soya milk, but you could use cow milk in coffee and tea, but do try to drink Chinese tea or water, and cut out sugar in your morning coffee. For protein try and switch from chicken to fish I recommend salmon (if you can afford it), sea bass, and mackerel, haddockand even good fish cakes (these are easy to do). I lost a stone in 7 days, 2 stone in 4 weeks, but now I'm 2 stone underweight so it's backfired.


For snacks making a green salad is great, and I always make one to accompany my evening meal. For the dressing I use olive oil and pesto, or 2:1 honey & lime. Also you can either get biolive natural yoghurt or the greek stuff, which you can eat with Swedish crackers/krisprolls, crispbread/Ryvita (it's all wheat-based), as well as cottage cheese. Houmous is great, you can even make your own but get good chickpeas. Eat it with celery, carrots, or toasted pitta bread. Instead of rice with your evening meal switch to cous-cous, and instead of pork sausages switch to venison. If you are still going to eat potatoes you can put fresh chillies into them because it makes you feel fuller.


Fish was the main source in my diet. Some recipes I used all the time were:

Here's a salmon one, with a Mexican flavour, low calories, fresh cilantro, sweet potatoes.



Here's an Indian-inspired one. Salmon again, with apricot couscous. Yoghurt sauce. Nice.



Really nice flavour here too. Honey-soy broiled salmon, courgetes. Fast strawberry frozen yoghurt is great.



Perhaps a simple crab cake -- Cajun style. If you live near the coast I recommend you pick up local produce.



Linguine with Escarole & Shrimp. Roasted squash & fennel with thyme is a fascinating choice for vegetables, and proved to be a favourite.



Still prone to Mexican-fever. Here's Shrimp Veracruzana. Jalapenos galour.



Moving on from seafood. A chilaquiles casserole. Beans are another great source of protein, right?



If you're short on vegetables that week, stock up:

http://www.bbcgoodfood.com/recipes/7742/fiveaday-tagine (another great website - you can get the Chrome app for it!)


Salads I could write a book on, but a weekly favourite is crayfish and mango salad in a healthy chilli dressing.


The best thing is I never felt (or feel) tired or hungry, and if you do bother excercising because of all the protein you're better off. I only walk at a brisk pace every day, so I didn't go jogging or anything.

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So after some research I've decided to wait on trying the insanity workout and just trying to jog a bit further every day, I also added push ups and crunch's as well. For people who know better, I'm sore today after pushing myself to do as many as I can, should I continue to do that? Also I know I should try to push it a bit every day or should I take it slow since I'm rather out of shape?

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you should be familiar with soreness vs actual pain; you're going to have the former in spades from atrophy/apathy for so long, and this week is likely going to hurt you more than any other if you keep with it. of course, when you feel the later - even a hint of it, since you really need to focus strongly on form & not over-extending/etc more than the # of reps - stop, and stretch a bit if you can.


however - had to really push bish with this, but he was great for it - lactic acid is gonna hurt tomorrow/possibly the day after, depending on your body, take a day off muscle groups you really push, but if you can return to them a bit the next day & push past, you'll really make this week count and subsequent ones not nearly as bad in that regard.


when you get to strength stuff, i try to avoid ibuprofen (ive read/been told it slightly stunts muscle growth) but if you honestly can't move from soreness, by god, take some. there's lots of push-up/crunch/etc variations to work different parts of your chest & core too...oh yeah, hydrate till you're pissing clear all day!

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Eat bananas...I talked to my dad when I was having some bad soreness (he used to be a body builder) potassium helps break up lactic acid or something to that effect. You can take a supplement or just have a couple bananas a day. STRETCH!


But like Nick said...make sure it's just soreness and not a muscle strain/sprain.


Also, if you bathe with Epsom salts...that helps with soreness too.

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ok...so I started the gym a few days ago.


so far, in the past four days, I've gone three times. Usual 30 minutes of cardio then I move on to weights: focus on two muscle groups, 12 reps, 4 sets, 4 different machines/positions.


Since I'm going to Ireland in March, i need to look good so I can bag me a redhead :)

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