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David Ayer is fine, The Joker and Harley are fine (even though neither one should even be in the fucking movie), and I realize we'll never live in a world where John Jarrett plays Captain Boomerang but Will Smith is an awful choice. If they're going to go with a black actor they could at least do someone who can play the character right like Michael Jai White but instead we're going to get another dose of broody Will Smith.

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It's the other way around.


Here's the thing with Suicide Squad. The whole premise was this: A random team of z-list supervillains (most members were way at the back of the rogues gallery. I think Poison Ivy was the biggest regular name on the team though The Penguin, Captain Cold, and Black Adam had small roles in single story arcs) and z-list superheroes (usually ones who had had their series cancelled like Manhunter, Shade the Changing Man, or Vixen, this was also the book that took parapalegic Barbara Gordon and made her Oracle) are all members of a Dirty-Dozenish taskforce that takes care of some of the jobs that are just a bit too dirty for the a-listers like Batman and Superman. They were led by a big fat black lady named Amanda Waller who is probably the best character in the DC universe if not comics in general and she basically used them like a black ops hit squad of expendable soldiers because most of them were just criminals working for her for reduced sentences or just to have something interesting to do while they spent their lives in prison. The big hook however was the concept that somebody would die in ever story arc and it could be anybody, this combined with good writing that firmly juggled contemporary political issues (Russia, corrupt government, a racist superhero) or just whacked out weirdness (an island of gentically engineered monstrosities, one of whom kills Grant Morrison. One time they even go to Apokolips.) makes it one of the strongest full-series runs I have ever read. I cannot reccommend it enough.


I'm hoping the Joker will be the villain of the story because using him as a member of the squad doesn't make sense. Harley could work, assuming they don't write her like the current comic series does. But the troubling part is going to be Deadshot and Boomerang. They're not really the main characters, but aside from Waller herself they're the most compelling. Deadshot has a deathwish, he's suicidal and more than a little bit bugnuts but he's only willing to die at the hands of someone "better" than him. He's not a barrel of laughs, but he's not dark and brooding either. And Boomerang is a boisterous, repugnant, nasty Aussie, he's Dick Dastardly mixed with someone's racist uncle and he's not quite comedy relief, but certainly more amusing than most of the cast. I'm not feeling good about this cast at all.

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Beat me to it Axel. This was the picture I was going to use to accompany that.



That thing is worse than I could have ever imagined, it's just awful. I still remain largely underwhelmed with the look of the Joker from The Dark Knight, but there was at least a clown theme going on there. I'm going to refer to this as "Suicide Boy Joker" because that's literally not even badass enough to refer to as a Juggalo.

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Maan... don't do this now, just please don't, you're killing yourself. I know you want to believe, but this is us, we are your friends, don't walk down this road. This is bad. He's wearing eyeshadow and grills Eamonn. Grills.


I...I know. Somehow I was trying to convince myself that his teeth were just dirty, but there's no escaping it. After all the recent excellent adaptations of comics and fantasy work, how have they not realised that the closer you stay to the source material the better product you produce?


Sin City

Game of Thrones

Walking Dead

Pretty much the entire MCU

The Dark Knight trilogy (don't start Baytor, choose your battles)


There's a reason staying true to at least the spirit and tone of the comics and books has produced a hell of a lot of critically and commercially successful work.

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O.k. I spent a couple hours on the porch drinking and debating this last night because, well I do a show about this shit and I need to have my thoughts in order. Consider this 1.0 of next weeks show, with no counter arguments from my co-host, of which there will be many.


So first, the bad: Get rid of those fucking face tattoos.


Now, on to why it could work, because the internet is really quick to run to the negative all the time and fuck it, why not try and present a logical argument if i can in favor of:


1.) It's Jared Leto. Dude is pretty quality in every movie I've seen him in, and he loves the Joker. Hell, he and Heath were like freaking super close. He even came in to help finish Heaths scenes for Dr. Parnassas. Dude will want to do right by the Joker.


2.) Everytime a new Batman/Batman's rogues gallery gets cast. People lose their shit. People sent angry mail to Keaton back in the day and when they saw Legers joker they stormed the internet because it didn't look right to them. When it comes to character adaptations, people are going to scream about it until they SEE IT IN MOTION. Then, one of two things will happen. A.) It's bad, and they get to walk out of the theater with a big shit eating grin on their face repeating over and over "see, I was right". Presumeably at this point they will go home and pleasure themselves with an issue of the Dark Knight Returns for a job well done. B.) They character is forever redefined for them and they applaud the performance forever and ever and drop the argument because they were too embarrassed about bitching about it before seeing it. We're a reactionary culture now and it's fucking horrible. This is why Superman casts fucking "nobodies" for their lead.


3.) This last one might be the most controversial and I expect to get the most amount of shit for it, so I expect a million (you're wrong!) replies. It's cool, I brought this on myself:


Let talk about the Harley Quinn factor here. In the comics, and in the cartoon (blah blah no fact checking blah) the Joker always comes off as much older and Harley as much younger. Why does that matter in context of this picture? I am so glad you didn't ask. It would be really easy to keep this older, wiser/darker joker going and just make Harley a girl with a PhD and daddy issues. While not the ONLY things that sparks attraction: PHYSICAL APPEARANCE /is/ a factor and for some audience members it may lend to the "believable-ness" of her attraction to him that she would see this insane, hot-tatted guy in the asylum and get a lady boner for him.


Why the tats matter when Leto's got it going on? Eh, I can't say, but we live in a post Nolan world where shit is edgier. Just get rid of the face tattoos.


4.) We don't know what it ACTUALLY looks like, nor will we until we see it on screen. Hell this could have been a makeup test and they could have been like, yeah fuck those face tattoos. People jump to costume critizism pretty fast when it comes to comic adaptations but not a lot AFTER a movies release. You know why? Because they have had time to edit and play with the visual style but we live in an instant "need need need" age. The pictures of Leto leading up to this point were literally clickbait articles because it shows damn near nothing but "NEW PICTURES OF THE JOKER REVEALED" really gets peoples goat dicks going.


tl:dr: At least wait till you see a trailer or something. Calm your goat tits.

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