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It’s been known for some time that the upcoming Wolverine 3 will feature Hugh Jackman’s Logan and Patrick Stewart’s Charles Xavier teaming up, but there may be another X-Men character along for the ride in the film. Though it remains unconfirmed, we’ve heard that the mutant X-23 will be making her feature debut and will join Wolverine and Professor X for their journey in the sequel.






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WITHNAIL AND I Actor Richard E. Grant Joins The Cast Of THE WOLVERINE 3 In A Villainous Role




Though his character is not named, British actor Richard E. Grant has been cast alongside the returning Hugh Jackman as a "villainous mad scientist type" in James Mangold's sequel to The Wolverine...




Fox and director James Mangold really are playing this one close to their chests. Earlier in the month we found out that Narcos star Boyd Holbrook would play a mysterious villain in the follow up to The Wolverine, and now THR reports that he'll be joined by Richard E. Grant (Withnail And I, Doctor Who, Bram Stoker's Dracula) as another baddie.


All we have to go on is that he'll be playing a "mad scientist type".


There's a chance, of course, that this will turn out to be Doctor Cornelius, who worked on the original Weapon X programme and returned for the Death of Wolverine comic arc - but there are many other possibilities.


The Wolverine 3 will also star Patrick Stewart as Professor Xavier, and is set to hit theaters on March 3 next year.


A great actor, hopefully he's not wasted on another run of the mill villain.

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Depending on the origin and casting, I could be for an X-23 or Dakken type taking over in the re-booted X-verse in the SNIKT department once Jackman retires. Although, I will say it'd be a damn shame if we never got Jackman in a film with the current Avengers line-up.


Is it too much to hope for an Old Man Logan (or OML-type) film in the future with a 60-yr-old Jackman and Renner as Hawkeye? That'd be serious geek boner material. Ermahgerd!

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Yeah, Daken ain't perfect, but some of the pheromone power stuff could be interesting in the films. And I'm not sure what the whole "Ultimate Universe Son of Wolverine" is really all about outside of the OML Secret Wars tie-in, so Daken was the only Logan offspring that came to mind.


Some of that Dark Wolverine stuff was aaight.

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There are strong rumours that this movie is going to be called Old Man Logan. How they can conceive to call it that I don't know. Also


Sydney Confidential: "When you tweeted about Wolverine 3 the other day, the response was huge!"


Hugh Jackman: "Yeah, unbelievable."


SC: "Give me something about Wolverine, what's happening? you bringing it back to Australia? The story..?"


Jackman: "There were a lot of calls for Victor Creed to come back, there was... I must admit I was quite heartened by a number of people saying please don't make it the last, but I'm really excited about this last one, and if you're a comic book fan, then the words 'berserker rage' came up a lot, so if you know Wolverine, you'll understand."

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Possibilities of an OML inspired Wolverine 3 are seemingly becoming greater by the day. Jackman has been posting pics of him on location on Instagram, a lot of wilderness and nature stuff. Then he posted this the other day...




We definitely know he's playing an older version of Logan in this "final" Wolverine film, but nothing yet if the story is linked to the OML arc form the comics. Also, Patrick Stewart is apparently playing a big part in this film and according to Stewart it's "a very different Charles Xavier."


Here's a collage of pics with a much older Logan (but not looking very OML-ish) puching around a sickly looking Xavier. Not sure who the little girl is meant to be.




And take this for what it's worth, but...


The film is currently shooting scenes in New Orleans. A guy at my local comic shop claims to "know a guy" working on set and says it's definitely OML.


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Whoa - those pics looks crazy.


Jackman has been at this for 17 years now. I hope they send off him and his character (Movie-Wolvie) with a fucking bang.


I really hope they end up going hard R and go full-on adult audience. I would stand and applaud right now if he could hear me - he deserves a fucking medal for sticking around this long.



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I'm only familiar with OML (for all my years of dedication to the X-men, i've never much cared for Wolverine and his brood, sans when he partnered with Havok) - but the books I read during Secret Wars this last go really got my interest. Is it safe to say that before I see this, I might wanna go read OML?

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I think it's pretty safe to say that the movie is going to differ GREATLY from the source material. At most, it will be inspired by OML, in that in both, Wolverine will be an old(er) man. I honestly can't see how they could include anything else.


yeah, if there was any doubt, laura being here killed that. shame too, cause it's one of Millar's best, and while it wouldn't work at all without a shared universe, unlike Civil War* it'd actually be worth the effort, since we haven't done anything like that cinematically yet


*word to JZA because the source material there was actually kinda shit

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