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You know, this thread's awful quiet now...didnt mean to scare Junker & MLB off.

I took the liberty of splitting this thread up a bit now that i know how, expanded the forum...might do it more for big battles (like me vs chief, that's half of this thread, but some really good ones...i never did give him credit for his good cover of "Ether" on my crew).

Anyway, now there's tributes, a non-battle freestyle etc thread, some shoutouts...im gonna try to expand this place now that the thrill of the :new: is over.

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Hey IC, ok you are mine now boyo...


Back to the script after my sabbatical

After all rhymes get better if you lay them annual

You mentioned Midnight Run but you aint no smuggler

No expert on dope but instead on white ass burger

Superhero *poof* who you think you are?

You try flying you gonna land on me car

I'll drive you around getting all dizzy

Drop you off at a gigilo-crib keepin' you busy

You're gonna make me some serious dough

I'll spend it on nose candy and sweet ho's

You gonna become a celeb like you always dreamed

Sleepin' in your bed with pyjama pants creamed

You gonna be my Hollywood Boulevard bicycle

Sleeping with tanned males mostly named Michael (Douglas)

The media gonna build you up but knock you down

But not before you won that blowjob crown


Re-Cog-Nise B)

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Alrite y'all since it seems nobody visits here any more I'm gonna set it up as my crib....gotta problem wid dat?


This is my rhyme

Gonna take my time

I gotta lotta mouth crap to deal out

Can't stand the kitchen heat then get the funk out


Jumbie's up in events posting those links

Nobody gives a flying toss down the topics sink

Long-winded articles my aren't you smart

I hear more intelligible things when my botty goes *parp*

Spongey don't get me started you ain't a card

You are pretty well summed up by the word tard

Jax got the roasting

Muchos posts he is boasting

But whats the point in spilling

When most of its just filling

Junker may have the news when it comes to the flicks

I listen to his opinions mainly just for kicks

You think I'll see a film just from your props

The only reason you like ET is for Barrymore's baps

2Track you are annoying heavy drinking and a lout

When I want to feel good about myself I'll give you a shout

Just coz you over from Preachers don't mean I give you 'spect

You don't contribute bummbly-fuck I've finished with you, next!

I'll finish with you Silent Bob pimping with all your time

But ripping off the paper's funnies, that's where I'd draw the line


Anyone who I've missed, I hate you too :sly:

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Hahahaha....damn! MLB tore it up! Hit up everyone, who's gonna take revenge?! Ill give it till my next day off, if no one lays the bucket to waste, ill start droppin shit like a piegon...serioulsy tho Bucket, tight work, i liked em both, youre settin the stage for some 2Pac "Me against the world" action, that's a trip.

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Yo, wuts goin' on over here... Y'all think u can rap now! I'm sorry, but I'm pretty damn saddened by the wackness. Wait a sec... let me take that back. I'm pretty damn saddened by CHIEF'S wackness. I the most posts from him, but its pretty much all garbage. I'm just callin' it like I see it!

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...and the final Pato Malo manifests, way after the fact...how ya been Cap'n? Drop somethin on in here when ya get a chance man!


Superlogical this, superlogical that

I detect, a dialect, by the way you rap

I elect myself president MC, my

career's so intelligent, ya need physiqe

not doin mathematics, static, topic, im adriatic....

*indistinguishable ODB shit* bring it on back...

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Hey, you mod, but this is Battle Raps, not the shout-outs thread...people are gonna battle here, right? If you dont like it, pass the mic in the other threads, be friendly & alla that and god knows this thread'll die down as a result, no? If you want us all to get along, start a jam for us to contribute to, dont just censor...

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Fair enough...but i thought this was the battle thread, no? I mean, i wanna see more team-ups, more Big Ol' Butts & such but if i see my name in here (im lookin at MLB!) its usually cause im gettin lyrically jumped..no hard feelings...but ill let the Patos know, they should add shit to the other threads too if its makin it tense for you, nobody wants that.

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::strolling through memory lane::


Yeah, I see it now.


It was all cool & fun & games... right until page 6 / 7.


Anyways, I realize now I had alot to do with the atmosphere of the room. My posts were quite harsh, reading them over again now. I really didnt' mean them that way, and I was laughing my head off when I read all your rhymes and tried to take them all in. After a while it was just too much. I swear each rough post was in jest, but I see how words which carry no tone can be dangerous.


I got into a situation where I was reading these posts between massive study sessions and couldn't keep up or respond how I'd like to have done. So I threw shit out there and it came out wrong alot. Inside I was happy as hell to see all the rhymes being thrown out... I just didnt' have time to type an approval then.


Anyways... as moderator of this region of the World Wide Web, I will make it my duty to rebuild this section and the rest of the lyricist lounge for others to partake in its glory and art.


Time and time again...

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Sounds straight by me....not sure what you have in mind with Nas & Pharell's "Nas' Angels...The Flyest", but its ambitious, im down for it. You wanna pass the mic back & forth or wha? Again, im up for another Big Ol' Butt type one, but we gots like 3 wee-men still here....anyway, co-op freestyles' a trip.

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"Evil empire"


Check it… check it.


The king sits on his throne in the fortress of solitude

Making bogus decisions based on his attitude…

Dozens of active members from different latitudes

We make his kingdom flourish but where is his gratitude?


One member down who’s the next one to go?

Those who stand up better keep their heads low…

Cause he’s got jealous eyes and a heart made of stone

So I’m making this board into a combat zone!


He thinks he rules the board with an iron first

Well I think it’s about time the forum got pissed

Before he starts banning everyone on his shit list!



Now if ya feel me say FUCK YAHVE (fuck yahve)

say FUCK YAHVE (fuck yahve!)


Now Yahve can eat a big fat dick,

his mom can eat a big fat dick,

death row can eat a…. um.. I mean…uh..

yeah, Yahve can eat a big fat… dick!


Now just remember y'all... fear is your ONLY god!

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