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<p>OMFG The trailer looks so amazing!


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Begin Orgasm</p>

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Those trailers still don't show me enough of the game to get excited about. What does have me excited is that the game is being helmed by the team that made the Prince of Persia: Sands of Time trilogy and is very billed as a sequel to those games in everything but name.

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Ive honestly been hyped about this one for a while now.


It started as a potential PS3 launch title, got pushed back & lost its exclusive deal when Sony didnt pony up in time, and its been this sandbox GTA assasin/medieval game with parkour for a while now; gametrailers.com has more footage and the wiki entry hints at it being part of an interesting series.


IGN's reports of a sepcial edition go tme even more hyped, as its said to include the standard tin box, mini-guide, making-of documentaries, and a Penny Arcade comic, as well as a figure of Altair, the main character! all that for $10 more than the game's cost sounds like a great deal to me, and considering how stupid-expensive limited editions can get lately, i like that price.


The plot is said to involve this holy order that Altair's in, and taking out corrupt church leaders who're prolonging the crusades for their own gain. Some hits'll have to be public, and its said that you'll have to take into account (or even use) the surrounding crowd's mass hysteria after you do your deed, and then use your crazy parkour to try to exit alive. The more i read, the more interesting it sounds....i'm picking this one up for sure.


Screenshot follows, then a preview of the PA comic.





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My co-worker was gushing about the game to me today and showed me the trailer on YouTube...I have to admit, it looks good. Although I don't own any of those "advanced video game systems", I've been contemplating getting one...who knows? I might take the plunge this XMAS and do so...

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