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R.I.P. David Carradine

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Carradine's expression can be best expressed as "Sheer terror" did 2track kidnap him? (Also, are they sitting or is 2track just obscenely tall, cause if I remember correct Carradine isn't what one would call short)

He does look rather scared or uncomfortable...

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Well, forgive me for sounding xenophobic, but the fact that it happened in a Bangkok Hotel room makes me suspect foul play.

Yep, and his manager says he seemed in high spirits and he was found hanging naked. Now I dont know about anyone else, but I wouldn't hang myself naked...plus it IS in Bangkok...

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yeah, he tried to pull a "oh hay i'm a superstar, so I'm going to sit here and order drinks and let you pay for them" on our con group once. We didn't pay for any of his drinks, becuase of his attitude. We were supposed to be so impressed with his "i blah blah blah once", but ummm no.


he also got really drunk and tried to throw knives, both entertaining and dangerous. good times man. good times.


To each his own, but he's on my shitlist as far as 'con celebs' go. err was.


See we were there for the Jimmy Fund, whenever you see the guys dressed up as empirials from Star Wars at a con (besides Mega-Con) they are usually there to get people to donate to a charity, and those fucking suits are a pain in the ass to make (Can you make a suit out of your oven and plastic hmmm??? well...CAN YOU??), and are hot as hell. Our Vader almost had heat stroke once, and yes, it is fun, but it's got a more serious purpose as well. David thought it would be a great oppurtuinity to get some free drinks out of some fan boys. Unfortunatley for him, the party didn't start until after the suits were off. He showed no respect for our cause whatsoever, and was totallty in it for himself.


I've NEVER been asked to pay for a pic. Or to buy someone drinks. It's pretty well known what we are (were, i had to quit from lack of funds) there for. Nor have I ever been more insulted by a 'con celeb'. Shit. Jay showed more respect than that. Fucking porn stars donate money for crying out loud.


Besides all that, R.I.P. David. You were great, and i loved your films.

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boo-yah! I called it.


she totally did, from the naked detail that came out (no pun) yesterday. im deeming her psychic investigator.


somewhere, 2T gently weeps, and begins erecting a statue...no, this sentence is going dark places.

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