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Best Metallica Album

Reverend Jax

What is the best Metallica album?  

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*Garage Inc is a 2 disc set that includes the entire Garage Days Re-revisited collection, which was out of print and very hard to find, within it's track list, hence listing them separately is pointless.


Metallica made some of the most solid albums in their day. They've gotten lazy. It took them 5 years to get into the studio after 1991's self-titled decaplatinum plus album, to record the material for 1996's Load and 1997's Reload (originally intended to be a double album, it turned into two albums instead) and they've only been in the studio since then to record "I Disappear" for the M:I2 soundtrack. Dispite that laziest (or maybe fighting piracy leaves no time to create new music), they recorded some of the eighty's best and most solid albums.

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Yeah, back before they were fisting their fans, I remember "Ride the Lightning" and "...And Justice for all" being pretty good. First one i bought on my own was the infamous black album tho, good damn near the whole way through.

But who knows, perhaps ill vote for Reload just to be contrary.

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Voting for Reload woudl be such a Nick thing to do. Master Of Puppets is the clear choice for me, but Ride The Lightning and ...And Justice For All are incredible to and are worthy choices. I suppose I shouldn't be surprised if The Black Album gets the most votes, but I can only assume those who vote for it have never heard Master Of Puppets. Taste me, you will see, more is all you need, dedicated to how I'm killing you. Comforming faster, obey your master, your life burns faster, obey your master, master. Master of puppets are pulling your strings, twisting your mind and smashing your dreams, blinded by me you can't see a thing, just call my name cause I'll hear you scream master, master. Oh yeah.

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Hmm, I'm gonna have to agree with Jack's on this one. Master of puppets just rocks. I mean it has the title track, battery, leper messiah, dispodable heroes... orion.. damage inc.... shit I'm listing every song... Yeah, it's one of the better cds ever recorded, and one of the top metal albums ever, maybe the best one. Nothing from Kill em All to the black album is anything short of genius, so this is all a matter of opinion I guess. Load was a fine cd too, and I think reload has some good songs on it, but those are not metal cds, and they dont touch the old stuff obviously.

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Yep, you stopped before mentioning the thing that should not be and welcome home (sanitarium), which are two other classics. It's just non-stop perfection on that disc. As far as being the best metal album, I have to put Paranoid by Black Sabbath first, just for being so damn important for setting the standard for metal. BS's self-titled debut was awesome, but Paranoid was the album that set the tone for the whole genre. I probably put Appetite For Destruction and Ænima somewhere in the third through fifth spots.

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I've always preferred the black album myself.

So by 'preferred' you're saying you've heard Master Of Puppets? Cause if you haven't and you think the Black Album is great from start to finish, well then Master Of Puppets will blow your mind. The Black Album has a few weaker tracks, but MOP plays like a greatest hits disc.

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Actually now that I think about it I only have the black album and the 2 disc set they did with the london symphony orchestra(i think) Of the other CD's i've heard a few tracks here and there but never sat down and listended to the full disc.


So I guess I'm just Biased toward the black album. :sly:

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As I suspected. Listen to Master of Puppets. It's crazy good. If you don't want to bother with looking for them, I can send the mp3s to you through ICQ, just ask. Ride The Lightning is a great album to listen to afterwards if you like MOP, but I wouldn't recommend ...AJ4A until you've settled into 80's Metallica. It's an incredible album, but it takes more patience to listen too for some reason. It's more...subtle, for lack of a better word. And the live album you're thinking of is called S&M, and it's the San Francisco Symphony (the S stands for either San Francisco or for Symphony, and the M for Metallica). Now here are the Metallica album covers, in order of release (same order as on the poll):






FYI: The image on the cover of Load is blood and semen mixed together.

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Im going for Master Of Puppets aswell, there just isnt a better Metallica album. Ride The Lightning comes a close second followed by their debut Kill Em All. I love the songs on ...And Justice For All but the production on it is absolutely terrible. You cant hear any bass at all.


Basically the Cliff era was Metallica at its best but Im intereseted to see what Trujillo brings them cause he looks to be one mean motherfucking bassist

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The new album is called St. Anger right? I hate Metallica for not releasing studio albums. It's like they think one studio album every 6 or seven years in acceptable. I'll obviously give it a chance, but they piss me off as people, we'll see what they do as musicians.


I never really liked Kill 'Em All. Too much thrash, not enough arragnement. I place it fifth behind MOP, RTL, AJ4L and the black album.

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My order of favourite metallica albums


1. Ride The Lightning: This just pips MOP for me. while it does have two pretty crap songs (trapped under ice and escape)It's also got Creeping Death, Fade To Black, The Call Of Ktulu and of course For Whom The Bell Tolls.

2. Master Of Puppets: Another genuine classic, best songs, Battery, Master Of Puppets, Welcome Home (Sanitarium), and Orion.

3. ...And Justice For All: Their last great album, best songs, Blackened, One, Harvester Of Sorrow, The Shortest Straw and To Live Is To Die (their last instrumental)

4. Garage Inc.: Their best album of the nineties, best songs, Free Speech For The Dumb, Sabbra Cadabra, Turn The Page, Loverman, Astronomy, So What and Am I Evil? (their best song of the nineties, despite being recorded in the eighties)

5. Metallica (Black Album): A step down but still a great album, best songs, Enter Sandman, Sad But True, Wherever I May Roam and of course Of Wolf And Man (one of their best ever songs)

6. Load: Despite not being metal a great rock album, best songs, Ain't My Bitch, Until It Sleeps, Hero Of The Day and The Outlaw Torn.

7. Kill 'Em All: Very raw but has some great songs, Hit The Lights, The Four Horsemen, Motorbreath, (Anasthesia) Pulling Teeth, Whiplash and Seek & Destroy.

8. St. Anger: *sigh*, need i say anything? good songs, St. Anger, Frantic and The Unnamed Feeling

9. Reload: Oh sweet Jesus, what a pile of shite, good song, Fuel


p.s. I left S&M off the list 'cos it was'nt a studio album, but if i was to put it in, i'd put it in ahead of garage inc. in fourth place

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i think load and re-load were quite good, but st anger, well, ive had better bowel movements after a night on the stout and had a kebab to boot....


nothing will beat ride the lightning though, it had the fire and fury of mustaine fuelling it on...


after that i'd say justice and s&m and puppets a close fourth

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