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  • 5 months later...

Was thinking, ever since the whole licensing change and whatnot, and with apparent changes on the way, maybe it's time to start thinking of some funky fresh forum names for those that aren't as creatively named as others. Maybe not, since they are nice and straightforward, but it might be fun to come up with some new forum names.


Current Events (not even mad bout this though, the politics is finally out of the title)


Culture & Sociology


Art & Literature


Anime (this one seems a little too narrow)




NIntendorks Video Games


I think these are the only ones without punny/goofy names. Waste of time? Start a thread? What say you people?

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  • 1 year later...

shuffling things up a bit to streamline the board & wanted to give a heads-up: i'm thinking of dumping the Power Room topics into Culture. It was a neat idea when aarty, missarah & others came up with it nearly 10 years back, but even after all of jax's jokes at the time, i'm feeling like roping off those threads isn't ideal. if anyone objects or otherwise cares, wanted to give them a chance to speak up before dissolving the corner!


if i don't hear back, i intend to keep the relevant topics in culture & toss the girly ones/etc into town square.

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I agree, it kind of reminds me of Morgan Freeman on Black History.



I also think the forum needs a shake up, here's my suggestions:


The Front Door


Suggestion Box

Town Square (The Gathering combined back in)




Socrates Philosophies & Hypothesis

The Sanctuary


Current Events



Science, man


Culture & Sociology (Powder Room along with Sociology being combined with Current Events. Culture to be combined with Art & Literature)

The Grill - Food & Drink (becomes subforum of Culture: Art, Literature & Friends)




Mystery Hondo's Theatre 300

Stand Up Comedy (new subforum for standup comedy, it currently fits nowhere)


Anime (name changed to cover all animation)


Music For The Masses

Lyricist Lounge (this could easily be combined with Music, but if you want to keep it)




The Fantastic Forum!

Men Of Action (Figures)


Video Games

hon(DOS) (elevated from subforum to main forum status)


Hell's Kitchen


Pimp Hand (kind of an anomaly, maybe should be renamed Blargh - The Random Forum)


Crap Shack

Ask The Magic 8-ballzak

Hondos Inc

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right, it's not anything to do with/against the female members we have - active or not - so much that in '04 aarty, def, eeyore, ruby etc wanted a corner for girly things, and i was happy to dump the non-philosophy topics from philosophy in here. years later, lindsay, myself & others would try to bring feminist stuff in there, but she'd be kinda resentful that it was roped off in the "girly corner" and not culture proper. ten years later, i can see her point.


E-$, you think combining Culture with Art & Lit wouldn't make things balloon a bit? the former holds a ton of things currently (including your stand-up stuff, granted), the later has books, poetry, art etc. that'd be a rather large umbrella, no?

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