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Hey I wanna know what your WORST FEAR is?


Worst fear is never amounting up to anything in life. A life wasted. When I die, I want someone to stand at my coffin and give a eulogy that says, Jason was a good man and he did his best at what he did.

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Sig, where you been man?


Aoi Inu Posted Today, 01:09 AM

Same thing I asked him earlier


Well, the sheriff's office has really cracked down on people using the internet for non work related stuff. So...needless to say, I have stopped going to Hondos during work. I have been so spread out lately trying to get stuff taken care of that when I am home its just to eat sleep and shower. I am switching shifts on tuesday and I will be over nights now, so I will be on here alot on my days off...


...so the return of Signal's fury is near :D



and thanks IC and Aoi, for noticing that I havent been around as much.

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Sig, what would you do if you had no money, no job, no car and a family to support?



Well Father, Jax started my response...I'd vote for Kerry 1st off. 2nd, I would apply for every job I could and work 2 if hired til I found a good 1 job. If I were not getting job offers, I'd prolly force food and shelter on my family by stealing or whatever. Family comes first. I would send the family off to a relative, and seek money any way I could. This entire world runs on money, and how much of it you have. I hate the world for that, but thats the way it is. I would never let my family starve though. I'd go hitman or something before I let my family suffer b/c of my short comings. So, I say agin, my wife and child before God and country.

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Cops advocating stealing and assassination...It's moments liek this I remember that there is hope....


Well Jax, other than a judge swinging a gavel in his own court, you won't find many law enforcers, or citizens at that, who are content with legal system in America...as you well know and agree.


And IC, I'm with ya man, gotta take care of our own before we take care of the rest.


Odd side note, just bought and watched(for the manyieth time) the Boondock Saints... more power to them! If only they were real, hardcore crims wold be shaking in their boots. Also saw the punisher a week ago, good movie. Maybe I should look into vigilantism. 9if thats the proper verbage for the word er werd.

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wheres sig at?


sorry...the shift change to overnights has thrown me a curve ball...hard to get used to. However I am here and will hopefully get back in gear of posting regularly. Well, its 6:30am and I need to go to bed!I hope to be on around 3 or 4!

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Are your shifts back to the point where you'll be posting regularly, or will it be another month or two before you're back?


Well JAX, I am still on over night 12 hours, but I was told by certain PTB's that I will be going back to days per my request come april. But the main reason I have 'returned' or 'somewhat returned' is because I have squared a few things away and I now have some more free time on my hands. I also have found a way to get to this site thru our sheriff's office filter...(how ever temporary that may be)


Oh yes...and stay in school.

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of the millions who depend on me for welfare, are they pretty much all just lazy blacks and mexicans?


Well Nikoli, the jitterbug/dirty mexican theory has always been a pressing issue when it comes to welfare. I do think however we need to tidy up this mess and straighten it out once and for all. Know the phrase 'dirty mexicans'? well you should...b/c I just used it in my opening sentance. Well... they are 'dirty' b/c they work and don't know what a shower head is, or what zest fully clean means. Therefor if they are dirty from working, they aren't on welfare. So as racial as this sounds... the colored people of this world make up the majority of welfare depleaters. By colored people, I am referring to 'blacks' or 'african-american' or the every popular abe lincoln slang 'negros'. These 'blacks' to which I am referring to, who drive their gold platted bumper caddys and their escalades who drope their 'babies mommy' off to pick up the groceries, who come in and whip out food stamps (now replaced by the EBT card with the american flag background...oh yes...how american) and smile and say 'can you buy a t-bone with a food stamp? At that point thats where I realize that she has more gold teeth in her mouf than the rush of '49. I politely say "no bitch, ya can't" Now I say t politely b/c she is a paying customer and... wait...she's paying with my damn money...I work, she gets fed?! WTF At this point I show her the door, using my foot. Sorry about that food stamp detour, but its the cousin of welfare.


Back to welfare, Ever notice that welfare house holds have like 8 kids running around in it? Well they aren't really the sons and daughters, they are the neighboring kids who 'stay' over so when uncle sam comes over they see that they have 8 kids and get an increase on monthly welfare. Also I guess this is acceptable since you are on 'welfare' that the only entertainment you have...is fucking, b/c thats free... usually.


Ok... a kid in one of my speech classes did a very good report on welfare a few years back. The number of blacks on welfare was in the 70% range and then the 'legal' immagrants or 'green carders' claimed 15% or something like that, then whites took the rest. What I want to know is...how do immagrants come over here...and take my money? But thats a whole different discussion.


So Nikoli, as racial as that sounds...it's not. Blacks drain the most of welfare, and the mexicans... they stand and hold shovels up at contruction sites. I have a theory though, if we put little kick stands on shovels...would we have to pay anyone to stand there and hold them up anymore?

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well, i really would love to make up statistics too. i mean it's really fun! like, 40% of white people have magical powers. also, 79% of black people in the US have aids. oh, and don't forget, 59% of white people aren't racist because they have a black/asian/hispanic friend.



anyway, here's some real statistics taken from an actual source. not that "a kid in your speech class" isn't a great source....


from the us census bureau website:


white women on welfare: 55.2% (aka the majority)

black women on welfare: 39.2% (although i get 70% confused with 39.2% all the time)


women of hispanic origin on welfare: 20.9%

women of nonhispanic origin on welfare: 79.1


average # of children for people not on welfare: 2.1

average # of children for people on welfare: 2.6


foreign born people on welfare: 10.4%

native born people on welfare: 89.6%



source: Here


I don't care if you hold the opinions that you do, I really don't, but get your facts straight first.

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You know I like ya Linds... but i really dont care about the stats. The whole thing was pretty much a joke reference the af americans and dirty mexicans working and all. Glad you take offense to missinformation though...someone needs to and get the facts straight. I would have pulled the real stats if I was worried about it, I was just telling my opinion on welfare...I couldn't care less what color skin was feeding off of my taxes or what sex they were, I really couldn't.


My whole point was that food stamps and welfare programs are very abused ... I have seen it first hand when I was a grocery manager, and I was going by what I personally have come in contact with. As far as the percentages... they dont really mean anything to me, b/c half of it is a lie anyways. or... maybe a quarter of it. So the actual percentages and the actual truths given to the government to be put down on paper go right out the window.


just thought this was kind of funny... http://www.actsofgord.com/Victory/chapter01.html


I was going to post several links about minorities on welfare and such...but I'm not gonna. I now get what you are getting at and I am going to drop it.


My answer to welfare however...


most of the people on welfare have minimal to no education, and language barriers preventing them from obtaining jobs that will pay a salary for a family (as in not a job that pays 6 bucks an hour)


So our education system is the root to these problems, and I was wrong to make fun of it by my previous post... I guess some people here can't joke around or let things slide. But thats fine. I'll take the hit and look like an asshole.


Soooo... whos next, ask away (i'll be more serious about it this time around)

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well, i really would love to make up statistics too. i mean it's really fun! like, 40% of white people have magical powers. also, 79% of black people in the US have aids. oh, and don't forget, 59% of white people aren't racist because they have a black/asian/hispanic friend.

I LOVE makeing up statistics!


62% of South Floridias are marginally less intelligent than the common octopus. 93% off all adult Jewish males are employed as either Lawyers, Banker or Hollywood producers. 86% off all Jews say it's OK for Gentiles to make anti-semedic jokes, so long as they have at least one Jewish friend. Women who swallow are 80% less likely to get cancer.


Ahh, good times....

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i really like you too but i honestly didnt think you were kidding because of your stance on welfare. usually people will take the opposite stance and be really sarcastic about it when they're kidding and if they use statistics, they're really obviously skewed. aside from the old-school racial slurs, you sounded dead ass serious. anyway, i don't trust eyewitness accounts just like you dont trust the numbers...you're just seeing a glimpse into the system, just like the numbers dont tell you everything. the truth is, people will take advantage of any system they can. rich, poor, black, white, whatever. look at enron. a lot of people lost their retirement, jobs, etc, because of greed. and i absolutely agree that the welfare system needs to focus on education so that people don't have to live on welfare for any long period of time. anyway, enough with this....show us some car pics!

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Well Linds... everything I said about welfare and food stamps I meant, except for the numbers of blacks vs mex vs tex vs martians... I think the program is abused greatly and think education is the root of it all...but the percentages and all really hold no value to my opinion about the program itself. Sorry for the confusion...dont worry, I still think you are the hottest bod alive.



And now a drumroll :D


Ladies and Gentlemen...stand and cheer for Sig's car pics!










complete with pontiac red dash / fog lights / sport semi-low profile tires with sport package wheels / and dual exhaust

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