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Bourne Vs. Bond?

Bourne Vs. Bond?  

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Well after seeing the third Bourne Film, i'm thinking this is teh reason they binned Brosnan as bond and went grittier with Daniel Craig.


Just something about the camera work, fight scenes, and more subtle product placement (Nearly every car was German!!) made me enjoy the Bourne movies quite a lot more than the recent Bond films.


Just thinking what other people think?

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Let's be clear: Bond was NEVER suave. He makes childish puns. THat's not suave.


Still, Bond movies have more style, it's undeniable. Sometimes they're a bit too self conscious and end up over the top, especially with the action scenes. I have to admit, the best thing about the Bourne movies is that they have action sequences that are tense and fun and spectacular without seeming fantastical.


But, yeah, moviewise, Bond still comes out on top, and I'll tell you the biggest reason for that: Matt Damon. He just fails to interest me. He's a good actor an in the right movie, Bagger Vance, Good Will HUnting, you can't take your eyes off him.


But he's not pulling off the tortured, amnesiac, spy thing well enough for me.




Bourne vs Bond in Books?


BOurne all the way. The Bond books are very good, but the Bourne books are AWESOME. Very psychological without sacrificing plot and action.

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Bond. James Bond.


There's a reason that there's so many 007 movies (Although I'll admit On Her Majesty's Secret Service was a flop and that's why that guy only did 1 Bond film.) Oh and then there's the Bond girls.. Sexytime! (One of the Bond Girls is a transgender. From the Rodger Moore era. I forget which one. But I read that the other day.)

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in a world where spies collide, three heros must unite to save the world from certain destruction.


Matt Damon is is the enigmatic Jason Bourne

"I remember. I remember everything. EXCEPT where i left my keys"


Daniel Craig is James Bond

'Shaken not stirred, you bloody blackgaurd! SHAKEN NOT STIRRED!'


And Keifer Sutherland as Special Agent Jack Baur

"Fuck it. I've been shot at, kidnapped, tortured, killed and brought back. Twice. You guys are pussies."


Join these three heroes as they attempt to unravel the sinister plot to take over the world in this summers biggest Action Flick:


"The 24 Hour Royall Ultimatum"


Baur: 'I'm getting tired of these mother fuckin terrorists on this mother fucking plane!'


This film is not yet rated.

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you are right, he isnt a spy... who needs a spy when mr yippie ki yay himself can single handedly kill a country? Nothing to spy on!


Im with DoJ on this one, Mcclain it is!














buuuuuuut ok... Bourne is my pic. but Bourne isnt a spy, he is just an assassin.

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but Rambo, really? after that most recent trailer?


Motherfucker turned a turret on a truck around and blew the guy in the front seat to bits! He ripped a dude's guts out with his bare hands!!


Okay I'll admit Rambo 2 and 3 were shit. But First Blood was a good action flick and I don't doubt this new one's going to be a gorey good time.

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Jesus Christ, what's wrong with you people! Stick to the parameters, otherwise every fight will just come down to Superman, Galactus and God. Seriously, this is some lame ass bullshit. "Who would win in a fight, Jet Li or Bruce Lee?" "Godzilla!" Fuck, this shit gets retarded.


have some cheese to go with your



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Tsk and here I turned to Dr. Strangelove and Invasion of the Body Snatchers for all my Cold War education. I was misinformed.


By the way, many of Hollywood's top tier directors (including the likes of Steven Spielberg) consider the Bourne films to be the new gold standard for modern action movies. Hopefully we'll start seeing some more films with that level of intelligence, acting and craftsmanship on display. If they toss a steadicam in with the deal, I'm convinced.


As great as the films were, though, I'll always prefer Bond. Damon played the character perfectly, but let's face it, Bourne lost his personality along with his memory.

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