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Ok, so now I'm reading a whole bunch more comics that I wouldn't normally! I was thinking, "you can't make a thread about each one"! SOOOO... I thought up a way to let everybody know whats going in a certain title that you might be interested in! COMICS JOURNAL!! I'll list some of the titles I've read and if your interested in one just ask! Oh and you can give me some too! If they're good enough, I'll (or you) make the thread!! Get it? Ok... so what I've read so far:


Bite Club - Vertigo vampire/mafia story in Miami!


District X - City crime story in "Mutant Town" staring Bishop!


Identity Crisis - DC's heroes lose someone important (I guess)!


Powers (vol. 2) - Detectives on superpowered cases!

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Given that I'm taking a Literature of Graphic Narrative class this semester, I'm reading at least one new comic a week now. Some of the recent ones I've read that I recommend:


Bone: A wonderful mix of Carl Barks and JRR Tolkien. Very entertaining cartoon epic. (and I do mean epic. Collected, the story is 1,332 pages long.)


Carnet de Voyage: Craig Thompson's latest isn't a huge novel like Blankets, but a simple sketch diary that he did while spending two months in Europe and Northern Africa (his next huge novel is on the way). It's a cool little read if you've enjoyed any of his other work.


The Ultimates: I'm a big fan of the Ultimate Marvel universe, and though I think Ultimate Spidey is still my favorite, now that I've read the first two trade's of Millar's The Ultimates, it comes in a very close second. I still haven't gotten around to XMen, yet.


Batman: Broken City: Though I didn't enjoy it quite as much as Jeph Loeb's Hush run that came before it, Brian Azzarello and Eduardo Risso put out a pretty good Bats tale that actually reminded me a lot of the Batman stories Loeb used to do with Tim Sale.


The League of Extraordinary Gentleman - Volumes 1 and 2: I finally got around to reading these. Not as deep and verbose as most of Moore's work - and thank god for that. This one's just a fun fast read by a master writer. It's especially fun if you have even basic knowledge of 19th century literature.

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Today I brought home and read:


Catwoman: When in Rome Ch.1 - by Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale (of Daredevil: Yellow and Spider-man: Blue) and it wasn't that bad! I might just pick up 2 and see where this one goes...


Strange - Story of Doc Strange's "humble" beginings. Also promising...


MK Wolverine #20 - (hasn't come out yet... thats why they call me DJ Mr Exclusive) first Mark Millar/Romita Jr issue! Goooood!! Villian reminds me a little of Morlan from Amazing Spidey...

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Today I brought home a whole string of first issues I guess Marvel is trying to push! I never really liked when they do this, cause it throws alot of garbage out there and they kinda start to lose thier cred! Oh and it just fucks up continuity (yeah, I'm a fanboy)!!


Jubilee - Ok, I guess... if you're 15!


Rogue - I guess this one was better, but I just couldn't figure out why Gambit was blind (?)!! Maybe, I missed something in the X-Men shit...


Gambit - NOT BLIND!! You might wish YOU where after reading this ish!


Nightcrawler - What the hell? Are they just GIVING titles away? When's Da Cap'n #1 comin' out?! This would of been better if it would of come out around the time that X2 was released! I did like the Spidey reference though...


Conan - Ok, not an X-Man (not even Marvel), but I brought this home cause a Piggy! It was ok! Not my cup of tea though...

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2 more reviews...


MK Daredevil 2099 - Great fuckin book!! I did not expect that!! Too bad it's only a "one-shot"!! They need to follow that one up! I highly recommend it!!


MK Punisher 2099 - Not very good! I was expecting better since I read DD 2099 first! Don't bother with it...

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My impressions of the last 2 weeks of books:


-Identity Crisis was good, cant wait till next issue.

-Uncanny X-Men was shit. X-23, female weapon x clone on the team? ill pass. Even Alan Davis cant save this trainwreck.

-Ultimate Spider-Man was fun, even as it ties up this pointless arc. Defintely a good break from the somber last arc.

-100 Bullets only gets better as it goes, whatta book.

-Tales of Dracula - Marvel reprints their classic adaption of Brahm Stoker's for halloween, and it was surprisingly fun.

-Spectacular Spider-Man makes me feel a bit dumber every time i read it, im glad this arc is over.

-Daredevil - So, theyre gonna get into who was the Kingpin before Kingpin? This could be interesting..i thought the black widow arc was slow, compared to "king of hell's kitchen' at least.

-Adventures of Superman: ...im sticking with the Jim Lee book. it was ok, nothing exciting.

-Powers - Great, as always. I cant believe all the Bendis fans that dont read this, his flagship book.

-X-Men Unlimited - 2 mediocre Wolverine stories for the price of one!

-Ultra: The "sex and the city" of image comics, but its interesting, im liking this one so far.

-Bullseye's greatest hits - Im enjoying this one, its dark...not just cause of Dillon's art, etiher.

-Walking Dead: Excellent Zombie book...cap'n should be reading this, as well as the rest of you if you dig survival horror.


Cable & Deadpool could be fucking shakespeare; im not touching it.


I hear Teen Titans was good this month. Next up: "Wicked West" graphic novel.

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Yeah, i do gotta read his next one.....been wantin to see more like this since War Story.


We3 by Vertigo is hot right now...its shaping into Morrisson work akin to Animal Man...# 3 of 3 should be out in a bit.


I enjoyed Rex Mundi but there's a thread on that...next up: Paul Pope's 100% and Heavy Liquid.

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News for Da Cap'n:


- Marvel Knights Spidey 10 preview


- new action figure: symbiote spidey, with 20 ponts of articulation!



- it finally happened! :D





Written by Tom DeFalco, J.M. DeMatteis, Terry Kavanagh & David Michelinie

Penciled by Mark Bagley, Sal Buscema, Ron Lim, Tom Lyle & Alex Saviuk


The perennial fan-favorite collection, back in print! Carnage, the spawn of Venom, has assembled an army of Spider-Man's criminally insane adversaries to spread his message of hostility, chaos and wholesale slaughter: Carrion, Demogoblin, Shriek and the Spider-Man Doppelganger! Outmanned and overpowered, the wall-crawler must recruit his own band of super-beings to combat the rising tide of evil: Black Cat, Cloak & Dagger, Firestar, Captain America, Deathlok and ... Venom?! Spider-Man's worst enemy becomes his uneasy ally in the battle to halt Carnage's mad rampage. But when he finds himself at odds with a number of his allies, who want to finish Carnage and his cronies once and for all, Spider-Man must decide whether to violate his personal code of honor to rid the world of pure evil. Can the web-slinger find an alternative before it's too late? Either choice carries dire consequences! Collects AMAZING SPIDER-MAN (Vol. 1) #378-380, SPECTACULAR SPIDER-MAN #201-203, SPIDER-MAN #35-37, SPIDER-MAN UNLIMITED #1 and #2, and WEB OF SPIDER-MAN #101-103.


December 22 :: 336 pages :: Marvel PSR :: $29.99

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Alrite, just finished both of these bad boys. Quick summary for both in case people wanna know what they are about.


Global Frequency:


Part International Rescue, part CIA, part Internet nerd network, Global Frequency is 1001 of the planet's finest minds, specialists, killers and spies who are called into action whenever the manure hits the fan and freedom is under threat! But when you look under so many stones and down so many sewers, you're going to expose a lot of bad things to the light - things that don't want to be seen and would rather Global Frequency wasn't so nosy. In this second graphic novel, we find out how far they're prepared to go to see Global Frequency wiped from the airwaves! Global Frequency is the latest creation of Warren Ellis, the creative dynamo behind such acclaimed titles as Transmetropolitan, Planetary and The Authority.


Battle Royale:


In the future, random Jr. High School classes are chosen to compete in a game called Battle Royale. The rules: only one student can survive after 3 days on an island or else they all perish. Weapons are handed out and each student is sent out into the field alone and unprepared for the horror that awaits them. The classmates turn upon themselves in a battle for survival, treaties are made and broken, and former friends become foes as the relentless countdown continues. Amid the betrayals and rising body count, two classmates confess their love for each other and swear to survive this deadly game together.



So starting off with Battle Royale, Vol. 10 (of 13 I think). This is probably the weakest of the series so far, mainly because nothing much happens. However, the bar has been set high recently, with many of the more minor characters getting whittled away in increasingly gruesome ways. Book 9 had the amazing "Lighthouse" scene (those of you who have seen the film will know what I'm talking about).


I've heard criticism of this manga series, that the writing is not that great, but these people can eat shit and die. The writing is not the best but it is translated so I never expected it to be. What this manga does have though is tension and tonnes of emotion. It is a very worthy edition to the film and novel already out, allowing beautful artwork to accompnay the gruesome killings and interesting back-stories of the characters (something the film missed out a lot of).


Anway, I love it, despite Vol 10 being my least favourite so far.



Global Frequency is as good as it should be (given the people behind it) and perhaps better. While book 1 had a series of unrelated stories with no real introduction to the recurring characters (e.g. Miranda Zero, Aleph), book 2 is very different. We have a back story for Aleph and get to know Miranda Zero a bit more (although no real history of the Global Frequency as yet).


This second book of the series is great. Every story is illustrated by someone different and in book 2 we have artwork from thye likes of Simon Bisley and Gene Ha.


All in all this series is amazing and I can't wait for more. It has everything you want for a comic, humour, great characters, artwork and writing and a hell of a lot of action and twists. After the greatness of Transmet, really pleased this is as good as it is and will certianly keep buying the TPBs as they come out.


Also, HBO pilot of Global Frequency should be airing sometime late this year/early next year.

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...hentai? now youre talkin my language... :D


Man, ive heard a lot on Ellis' Global Frequency, was waitin for a trade on that one...good reviews tho MLB, keep it comin!


X-Men/Fantastic Four - Pat Lee's better on robots, and this writer is prolly better at something else too.


Action Comics - Chuck Austen: stop. Cleremont, too; X-Men: The End is a trilogy? Cmon man, its not Earth X, you dont have to include every single shit character ever....


New Avengers last week looked promising, and ive been meanin to check out She-Hulk, believe it or not....onto this week's Punisher!

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X4 (X-Men/Fantastic 4) #1 dissapointed the hell outta me! The arts nice, but I wasn't really feeling what was going on! It starts off with the cliche "misunderstanding" fight that the two super teams go through to get the comic going, but I'm sick of those... it ain't the ninedies anymore! Don't they both know that they're the good guys?


New Avengers #1 was awsome! Oh that Bendis...


X-Men: The End, Book One wasn't that bad! Yeah, it's gonna take forever, but I'm gonna stick with it till the end to see what happens. The only thing that I think is weird is the fact that it only takes place 15 years from the current Marvel timeline... I thought they where a little more bad-ass than that!


She-Hulk, Nick? Come on buddy, I taught you better than that...

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Ok, so they (Marvel) brought back the "What if's?", but they're pretty much crap! The only only that was really good (well two) was written by, you guessed it, Bendis!! The one that really stood out with me was the "What if Jessica Jones had joined the Avengers?"! I really suggest this one for all the "Avengers: Dissasembled" fans!! The "What if Karen Page had lived?" one was good too!


I know I'm the Spidey bitch, but I really didn't like the "What if Aunt May had died instead of Uncle Ben?"!! It was smart..., but stupid at the same time!! The others are really not worth mentioning!!

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Aight. In place of women I have comics. Lotsa comics.


Exiles #59 & 60: Age of Apocalypse tie-ins. Haven't gotten to sixty yet, but 59 showed what happened to AoA's Sabretooth since he was last seen in Exiles(I'm a sucker for alternate realities.)


Age of Apocalypse One-Shot: Kinda confusing for someone like me who didn't read any of the original material, but it's an anthology of short stories including how Collosus came to lead X-factor or something, and how the AoA timeline survived being nuked(if that's how it originally ended?). Leading into...


AoA #1(of 6): Not to give too much away, President Kelly & Chief of Mutant affairs Magneto are trying to regain the public's trust a year after the downfall of Apocalypse, and oh, I'm sorry, but have we not seen enough female-fucking-wolverines?!?!?


Ultimate Iron Man #1: Variant chronium covers and all... >SIGH


Ultimate X-Men #54 & 55: I swear @ this point I'm only stickin' around for Brian K. Vaughan. Ultimate Mojo & Longshot make their '1st' lame-o appearance. Just have Arsenio Hall wheel in the X-Babies & be done with it...


Ultimate Nightmare #5: Aaaww man. This book's the reason I've been meaning to do this comic journal thing... What I initially thought was another piss-poor reason to throw down the two big Ultimate teams has paid off hard. Visions(!) of utter despair are jacking electronic devices across the globe, and people are killing themselves as a result. S.H.I.E.L.D & Xavier have traced the source to a region of Russia where a supposed meteor landed 100 years ago. The ending to it all's in grey, so read it if you want... Turns out Ultimate Vision is a giant robot and carries the warning of the Doombringer, the coming destroyer known to many cultures as "Gah-lac-Tus". That make sense to you? Makes sense to T. T buyin' Ultimate Nightmare #1!!


100 Bullets #58: My main man Lono & Loop are gettin' ready for a jail-break. And Anyone following this book is gonna be shocked @ the possible death of a character(I'd say :death: but those dogfuckers let me believe Lono was dead for six-fucking-issues!).


Lex Luthor: Man of Steel #1: Woo boy. I been waiting for this one for a while, and it finally arrived. Pretty solid 1st issue, but I'm deflating my hopes, 'cause I just finished reading Cage, and that had a pretty shit ending...


Aight. Tha's about it for now. Waiting on Knights Spiderman #12 & Justice League Elite #9. Grrrr.

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Man, i havent read that AOA stuf yet, but Bachalo's art on that one didnt look so good... :D X-23s there too? how the fuck...


Ultimate Nightmare got my hyped bout that trilogy, and you gotta admit, on Ultimate X-Men, Vaughan is making some of the lamest X-villians look interestin. Arcade, for godsake..


Since you mention it, ill prolly check out Exiles. But yeah, 100 Bullets, "Wylie runs the voodoo down" finally ends, and i cant beleive who didnt make it...still, im with you alla way: that fucker Lono will not die. You know youre hardcore when you go to federal penitentaries to basically kill time.


*SPOILER QUOTE* fuck i gotta take thsi talk to the 100 bullets thread...


"Heard about Milo?"


"Nah, what happend?




"No shit! Pills, gun..?"



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Dude... That happened ages ago... But I guess for anyone that has read fuck-alla the book.



Justice League Elite #9 Another member dies(possibly), the assasin within the group is finally divined(tho how we'll have to wait to find out) and for those who loved Action comics #775, Manchester Black is officially back!! For the meantime. Love Joe Kelly's work, but fuck he can be confusing sometimes...

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Y: The Last Man #30: Man, I gotta stop steppin' into things @ the wrong moment... After lapsing for like, 10-15 issues, alla shite comes to a head as Dr Mann figures out how Yorick & Ampersand survived the plague, and Hero returns with Agent 355. And there's ninja bitches that like stealing monkeys(just for you Nick)


"Doc, when I tried to build one of those baking soda volcanoes for the second-grade science fair, I nearly blew off my own testicle. Is there any chance we can dumb down the technobabble about a thousand percent?"


Ultimate Fantastic Four #16: Shyeah... Getting bored with this'un. Johnny Storm is burning out & it no doubt has something to do with the N-Zone, and Ben & Reed meet Ultimate Annihilus.


AoA #2 (of 6): Sho' nuff, Nick was on the money & X23 is indeed the mysterious young lady sent by Magneto to recruit Wolverine. Meanwhile the X-Men dunno how to deal with a human & mutant population that fears & mistrusts them. Oh well...

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