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how Long Do You Last In Bed?


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Combine that with my 6hrs 12min an' I think our weekend's set! Does that include foreplay?


Mine's historically selling me short.


Heh. No capes baby



No capes baby is right.


And between moving your stuff, and working, and going to movie premiereseseses, I think we can fit a 10 hour flesh-session in there somewhere :D Specially if you need to welcome your new home.... or christen it, whichever term you prefer :D




You totally should have called me during you spasm of boredom tonight. I was forced to watch ORIGIN and I woulda lved the distraction. (Your team sucked by the way...... however, me not caring enough to pick a side, I shouldnt rub it in huh??) You still backed the loser tho....

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damn ppl!!! every heard of da magic of quikies?!?!?! x_X...

ive never had a stop watch on me at the time but roughly my average time in bed is about 2:30- 3 hours... jesus... if your gonna last 7 friggin hours u might as well just take off da condoms... no worries rite? o_O

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