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JJ Abrams' next big project is creating quite a buzz online thanks to an intriguing trailer that came before Transformers (see it here). Though it obviously seems to be some kinda of realistic monster movie, so far Paramount has not released a synopsis or even a title for the film (it's usually referred to by its release date, or the fake working title "Cloverfield"). Rumors have been flying around about the film, ranging from theories about it being a new Godzilla remake, to a Lost-related project, to some sort of HP Lovecraft movie - none of them have been confirmed and most of them seem unlikely.


Two websites have been found connected to the project.


The first is www.1-18-08.com which features two timestamped photographs and nothing else (a few people insist on seeing a "demon" in the negative space between the two women in closeup, but I think that's just be coincidence)


The second seems to be www.slusho.jp (Slusho is supposedly the other working title for the film) though what that site could possibly have to do with anything is anybody's guess but the "history" of the company certainly has some more interesting hints than you'd expect. Abrams has hinted that there are more websites for people to "find" that will give out more information.


There's also the case of Ethan Haas. The Ethan Haas websites have been linked to Cloverfield because they were taken off of youtube by Paramount at the same time that they purged it of Cloverfield teasers. JJ Abrams has told AICN that Ethan Haas is unrelated to Cloverfield, but it's possible he's just trying to increase the mystery. The puzzle of Ethan Haas is incredibly complex and spans quite a few sites, some of which may be unofficial or just plain fake. But try looking around at www.ethanhaaswasright.com (I've made it through all the puzzles, the final reward is a password, it puts you on a mailing list and asks you to wait for an important date - August 1st) and ethanhaaswaswrong. Definitely some interesting stuff.

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Just looked at that spoiler pic. Pretty cool I guess. It's concept art so it might not be the final thing, but if you don't wanna spoil it... DON'T LOOK. Now I'm kinda regretting looking at it...


yes I too am now having the buyer's remorse. :sad:


Fingers crossed Jont's claims are true.

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