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Dopetastic B. Smooth


Mack Master Burgess Fresh


Sheik B. Ice


Silver Tongue B. Flash



Awwwwww yeeeeeeeeeaaaaaah! Thems be some slick pimpin names, fo real yo! I'mma quit while I'm ahead.

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Stealth Maestro Shane Sweetness


Professor Truth Kitt Smooth


Magic Tickle S. Rock


Macktastic S. Slim


Silver Tongue Shane Slither


Dopetastic S. Flash


Silicon Slick Kitt Slick


Diamondtrim Shane Luther


Professor Truth S. Rockerfeller


Reverend S. Flava


Ghettto Fabulous Shane Shmoove


Reverend Doctor Kitt Dazzle


Sugartastic Shane Glide


Silicon Slick S. Ice


My favourite one:

Reverend Shane Slick

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Funk Master S. Sneed


Ice Master Sebastian Silk


Dopetastic S. Flash


Silver Tongue Sebastian Joker (just great!! :D)


Reverend S. Loco


Silicon Slick Boogie Slick


Vicious D. S. Silk


Snake Eyes Boogie Tickle

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