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Hondo's Bar

Hondos T-Shirts: 2nd wave

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good a logo as any


Shirts should be around $15/piece. anything tacked onto that goes towards server fees & a drink for aarty for her forthcoming shipping efforts. Yes, we're still using the classic harley logo (seen above) for this wave; Hot Costner etc images will come later.


Hondo's Shirts: Round 2

Deadline to place order: midnight, Halloween


Members who've paid so far:


alive she cried (XL, #86)

the division of joy (by way of DOJ) - (XXL, # 4)

gunsmithx (XXXL, # 99)

bishopcruz (XL/#3)

lulu (M, # 26)

Darth Fluffakins (XXXL, #88)

Musicmaniac (Skeets) - L, # 00

Musicmaniac (arch) - XXL, # 00

crimsonfire (L, # 77)

Yahven (L, 8)

Boogie (M, #58)

amynicole (L, #7)

Hakujin (L, #09)

Thelogan Prime (XXL, #37)

Dante (XL, # 42)


Pending payment:


TheLoganPrime (XL, # 37)

SpunkyMonkey/Somethingmanly? (XL, #?)

megz (?/?)


Members who expressed interest:







Signal (XL, # 08)


Members Id like to get shirts for if i can get the $ together:






C U Space Cowboy?






Please note, if the info i have for you here doesnt add up (you want a different name/#/size) or i dont have it at all, this is the thread to let me know.


Im being optimistic here and hoping we can place this order at least by april's end.

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updated 11/09
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Nick, you should consult with Stilly as far as getting the shirts. I haven't talked to him about it really, but we've sort've discussed it in passing before. Him and his partner might be able to cut you a deal and pull off some sweet torso coverings. Perhaps.... a Hot Costner shirt? :weep: Also I second the "i <3 hondosbar" nom from Jax.

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i know, right? ive been trying to get back to a nice figure, myself, but its like the universe is against me. the other day at the gym they were having a BBQ! at the freaking gym!

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no, no, no. we talk about other shirts and options in the Shirts thread proper; seriously, this thread is only for getting the next batch out. we've a number of members who've been waiting on this forever, so if you wanna help, either contact the people who're missing their size/# info or let the people know on the "interested" list to get their money in soon, please.


i def want one. when is payment due and how do the sizes run? all cotton, im guessing?


payment's due before the order goes in (unless you're sending a money order). Sizes, i believe go S-XXXL, just checked for you love, and yes, 100% cotton.

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has anyone claimed #13? its my lucky #. im not sure if a medium would be too small or a large would be too big.


i guess put me down for a large, since its cotton and i can shrink it if need be.

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i have 13, but according to hondonian law, we'd have to fight to the death if we both wore our shirts and saw each other on the street, so uh, i guess we're safe for now?

i think mine's a medium. if youd like a large, ill put you down for one.

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sadly, i think we gets one line for text. seriously though, look at the old thread, the pics show theyre really high quality.


One line is fine, but can I get a space between Thelogan and Prime?

That's all I really want.

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aw, no way am i going through all the old #'s and listing them. why not just pick like 5 and ill tell you of them what's left, or which ones will possibly require a death-duel if you want them bad enough?

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I think I might get another one, a little bigger this time so I can sleep in it.


When I get home, ill check teh sizing and place my new order, same details (Arnah, #1, har har.)

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You don't wear the one you have. I think I'ma sit this order of Harley shirts out since I tried to trade in some 360 games for a PSP a few weeks ago, the guy at the store was a bikie & was all cool & shit til he saw my shirt was by no means an homage to his beloved bike of choice. Man was impossible to deal with after that, and it delayed my purchase of a PSP by like a week. I can't wait to see that I <3 Hondosbar shirt when I get home because that's where I'll prolly be at.

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